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  • Nice game, and I hate it get troll'ed by an Umbreon everytime -___-.

    I could help you with your troubles. Your team is currently good, except that you need more prediction skills (made easier with Team Preview), a bit of coordination for your Pokemon, and more speed. Some of your Pokemon could really outspeed a Cobalion easily. You could've killed my Dusclops with another Flare Blitz though and not-toxic'ing your Darmanitan would be a pain in my part. You could've also U-Turn'ed out instead of switching out to Slowbro, Bug > Psychic, therefore, damage to Slowbro.

    A bit more prediction skills (through a lot of battles and experience), and just coordination. :)
    The best thing to do is try to find any overlap in your normal times awake. If there isn't any, someone will have to stay up later/wake up early, so that you can play.
    Your last activity was on 5AM in my Timezone, I think we should ask help from Alaka*. It'll be difficult for us both. @_@
    You'll be my opponent in the upcoming BW UU Tournament hosted by Alaka*. When will you be available?
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