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  • Mainly, to practice my saxophone and get really good xD and learn Piano too.

    anyway on smogon imma start contributing...hopefully get badged but keep this on the down low o3o

    and finally...summer classes, and I gotta study for the SAT and ACT and whatever other thing...yuck
    Yep. And w/ that, the group war came to an end. However, it seems that the price was a desolate BABA and TRC. BA attempted to start over and created BALD, and that is doing alright. But it isn't doing nearly as well as either BABA or TRC did in their glory days. I think the most active groups right now are SCO (Smogon Creators' Organization) and TPR, which is not at all what it was like when you left. I think Pumpking (Don's new group) is a close third. There is one group, Reactivity of Metals, that seems to be fairly active as well, but, since I am not a member, I don't really keep tabs on it.
    The mods. They were pissed off at him to begin w/, but, then, they were finally able to justify it.
    Well, the group war ended. A ton of random groups were created to be neutral or exclusive ones. Those are now the dominant groups. Most of the groups have very little activity. And most importantly, Battlestar got banned.
    Is that why you were off for such a long time?
    And somewhat, but, for the most part, still the same.
    Smogon, on the other hand, is quite different than it was in January, lol.
    When would be a good time for you to wifi gym battle?

    I can wifi anytime on weekends.
    Mon-Thurs 8:30-12, Fri 5:30-12

    PS Mon-Thurs 3:30-7:30
    Can we move the battle time to between 11-1 EST today? I plan to head out earlier than expected.

    If we cannot battle today, then shall we schedule for sunday evening between 5-12 EST?
    How about we battle wifi tomorrow between 2-4? i dont have class cause of good friday and will be leaving to visit home around 4:30
    I can PS for a while between 3-8 EST mon-thurs. ill be able to wifi at 8:30-12 as well mon-thurs. PS on friday 3-6 and wifi 6:30-12 hope to see you soon
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