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  • ya ? mi time zom GTM-6

    I am an hour if you want to go to GRoudos´ grotto

    the same we can coordinate there is
    Hi, we're matched up in Round 2 of UU Grand Slam. I am actually leaving for vacation on Monday, and won't be back until after the deadline. So, I really hope we can find a time to play this weekend. Either Saturday or Sunday would work fine for me, just not early in the morning on Saturday (EST time zone). My teams will be ready to go come this weekend, so I hope we can set a time to get our 3 matches done. Looking forward to some good games!
    That was today? I thought today was Wednesday. I lose track of time during the summer without school to keep me on schedule :<

    I can play tomorrow 4 PM if you are available.
    5 PM my time is when I leave for work. I don't get back until 10 PM, but I'll be available before that time on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
    Ok, I'll be on smogon server in five minutes

    Damn, I missed you, sorry.
    We're opp for no john dpp edition. When do you want to play ? I'm available all the week-end. I'm GMT+2
    Hello, I'm your opponent for the first round of the OU tournament. When would you like to battle me? I'm on smogon a lot of the time so you'll probably see me there.
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