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  • hi, we're playing for nu league, when are you available? i'm gmt+8 right now, availability is quite flexible though
    Hey tato, I gave you a coinflip win for the UU Mini-Tournament but it appears your opponent sent you a PM, and has activity over you. If you sent him a PM back and he omitted it, please send me a screenshot of the PM you sent, the next time you are active. If you don't, you'll be substituted by Somalia to play Pwnemon. It should follow that you shouldn't play Pwnemon at the moment, given that the results of your match with Somalia are now pending rather than decided.
    hey tato, we're opponents in the UU Eightfold Path Tourney, some slight snooping says we're both GMT-5 so let's get this shit done. When are you available? With school out i can make almost any time past 10 AM.
    You replied on your own wall lol.

    Also emolga is amazing! I was drunk when I posted on the thread.
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