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  • lol wow, I can't imagine that. I guess it comes with being near the water so far south like that but still.

    And I don't get it either but it's a pain.
    Yeah, seems like one, might get a nap later if I'm lucky though. And yeah, it is cold in the middle of summer for us, lol.

    Why do things get ready to download so slowly on here then download in like less than a minute? O__o;;
    I think it's been like April or so but idk. It was a cold summer for our standards, second-coldest July ever, average high that month was about 26 C, average is closer to 30-31. October has gotten kind of cold, but only dropped below freezing at night once. It's about 5 right now, at 5:09 AM, got to a pretty nice 16 though so it hasn't been all bad.
    Yeah, I just got java now, yay progress =D

    Yeah, sure, Suicune can't switch into a +6 mence, but mence will die before getting into the KO range of Suicune if it comes in. Not like Mence would stay in unless it knew it could KO, since most Suicune run Ice Beam (not crocune but almost every version does other than that).
    Windows 7 really is better, I'm just not used to the features yet.

    Crocune better not be set up or it laughs at those too. Crocune is stopped cold by Vaporeon though, same for Water Absorb Poliwrath or Politoed, even Quagsire or Lapras. Dry Skin Toxicroak works too.
    Windows 7, I don't think that's the problem lol, I think we just haven't gotten stuff like flash and java so I have to go around and get those.

    Yeah Crocune just kind of laughs at things at +6.
    Yeah, though my problem is figuring out how to get things to open downloadable files on this new computer. ._.;;

    ... Suicune is a total beast lol.
    well I know how to forward the port on mine so I guess I've got work to do. I'll try to get it working tomorrow, it'll take a few hours probably when I start.

    Well I know, but it's resisted too o__o;;
    I'd face either, I just need to redownload shoddy, build a team over again, (I don't have any of my old files T_T), and idk what else, I could probably rebuild the server but I wouldn't have HGSS moves, I forget how to do that.

    ... You're right, you don't. lol

    And it really is. I used to run Life Orb Scizor at one point but Jumpman16 told me Leftovers was better, and after playing with it I have to agree. +6 Bullet Punch OHKO's Charizard though. o_O
    Raikou is UU right now but seems to be a suspect, not sure which way it'll go. I haven't battled in so long thanks to my old computer... I need to redownload shoddy so we can battle.

    lol you'll learn, you'll learn.

    Well if it works for you go ahead, I like Expert Belt myself.
    Exeggutor's only use is on sun teams, but it's weak to fire, which is the most potent OU attacking type. Exeggutor's probably stuck in NU for a long time, sorry to say... Don't worry, Entei and Charizard are with it, same for Medicham, so NU isn't the sorry place it used to be. Seems like Froslass is in that UU/BL limbo like it was when I left though, which amuses me, it's sitting on that line and won't move. It's like the line's guard along with Raikou and Gallade.

    They should... They need to stop using double team/sheer cold too. The Sheer Cold/Horn Drill/Rest/Sleep Talk Dewgong and Walrein should not exist.

    Life Orb isn't worth the recoil in the tower but you can do that, sure. lol
    You're.. Interesting to say the least. lol. And Exeggutor really gets shut out by... Breloom, Celebi, Sceptile, Roserade, Abomasnow, and Venusaur, probably missing a few. Poor thing, it's good in sun, though in Trick Room you could probably find better. In sun you only have to worry about special tangrowth to compete with.

    Yeah the AI is pretty terrible at times... It's quite the joke.

    And yeah, Starmie is still awesome. Always will be. ... until after 49 when supereffective moves don't always OHKO. Choice Band Salamence is a great non-trick lead too. I've seen it OHKO a Swampert with Outrage before.
    Yeah I had that happen, thought about you for a second, then proceeded to curse out the AI.

    Well the trickscarf and setup combo is basically broken lol. that's how 1001 happened.

    Congrats on getting to 50 though. Let me guess you used Trick Room? >__>;;
    Hm. Lately Factory and Tower. Factory because I still don't have the gold, tower because... Well, I can. Arcade is just plain fun though, I wind down sometimes there after bad hax. Castle takes FOREVER and Hall has a major problem: Argenta can just go die for always pulling out the perfect Pokemon out on me in battle 170.

    Got shot down by Trick Room Exeggutor setting up Dewgong (which hit with sheer cold. Three Times. In a row.) in my last tower run, I wanted to throw my DS at the wall.

    Oh, and Peterko has a 1001 win streak in there... yeah it's amazing.
    Basically, yeah. It still did a few things but basically I've been without what I usually do online for a few months. In other words instead of being here I've been getting myself haxed over and over in the battle frontier but that's not new, now is it?
    rofl I don't even need to say it, the picture says it all. I'm still in the process of getting things set up on my computer though, I just got it yesterday, but it's awesome though.
    Because Fakemon = Pokemon, I'm surprised even you missed that.

    Cool, now we just need to add Pokemon and Moves and wait until I get the Internet fixed, and we're good.
    Oh yes, Wynaut. It's a forgettable one. And we don't need another Uber. And if we need one, no Water types, we want it to not be outclassed by Ogre.

    *facepalm* That's the first stage, you twit. The stats are going to be doubled in the second stage.
    Fail break. Change the 'i' to an 'l'. See?

    Of course it would be part of an evolutionary chain, a two stage one. And if I went with the first stat spread, it would be pretty damn physically bulky, which, by the way, is what most priority moves are, bar Vacuum Wave.

    As for the psychics: Tyranitar/Weavile says hai.
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