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  • That's one way to put it... lol

    Stupid Thunder Wave/Magnet Rise Magneton too, ot a huge problem, just annoying.
    Ohyeah. Fuck it I need to get tutored, I've never done it before and have been putting it off for months.
    How exactly did you notice me anyway? :| The only thread I've posted in is the metal thread, I think, and I don't think I told you I had made an account yet.
    The sets are on a list linked to from the Battle Frontier records thread though.
    Jolteon actually.

    Oh wait I'm back lol. I'll make a real team while I wait.
    Okay, I will.

    It was from Abomasnow, but I set up rain dance on it so hail didn't affect blizzard >>
    yeah, definitely, we should do that soon, since I haven't built a real team on the computer, want me to get on now?

    nope. It was that fail version. I got haxed earlier though. Blizzard hit three times in a row and crit at the perfect point :/
    I found it.. Tried it... Didn't work. we'll head to the smogon server later on if you don't figure it out.

    lol I know, though it had Splash...
    Might try to build it not from the source, that's what I did a long time ago on the old computer, it should work but not as well.

    Saw one in battle 2 in the tower earlier. :/
    That's fine. If we have to we can just get on the smogon server if we really want to battle fast, lol.

    Also nintendo thinks wobby sucks? o_O
    Try doing a search for how to port forward, that site they link to really isn't that great if you ask me. I just screwed something up and it won't read the files and meh, I can't figure out how to start from scratch.
    It still feels weird to see a Blissey doing 80% to anything with a neutral move though rofl.

    And I rebooted the computer and downloads are going WAY faster. =D
    Vista was a pure joke, really.

    Hyper Beam did 80% to toxicroak.. o_O;;; but rofl 4x effective move on weavile doing 20 damage.
    Same for me, really... XP was better than Vista, oddly.

    Yeah, it gets Surf. And no, it wasn't Trick Room, it was Curse, and I traded it for a Sceptile. And I just faced a Hyper Beam Blissey. o__O
    Oh yeah, expect that this year too. >_>;;

    It'll eventually load... It's just slow. Everything else is fast so it's still improved.

    lol I know, Draco Meteor/Surf/Flamethrower/Earth Power. Teamed up with Slowking and physical Toxicroak, Dynamicpunch/Thunderpunch/Ice Punch/Poison Jab, and you have a fun yet effective team.
    lol so you like it? That's good.

    Yeah, true. It was the other way around on the other computer so it could be worse too.

    And lol Special Chomp in the battle factory is hilariously good.
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