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  • Hey Temp, I'm on PS as either The Great Mighty Doom or Awhile ago I sent you a PM on PS, after about 10 minutes of waiting you replied saying hey. I was in the middle of sending you a VM here asking where you were when this happened, so I didn't see your response until about 3 minutes, at the very most (that's how long I was away from that tab), after you sent the PM. I replied as soon as I saw it, and since then it's been another 40 minutes. I've literally pretty much been sitting waiting for a response, not doing anything else other than maybe glancing at the chat every now and then, this entire time. This is because the sheer amount of lag PS causes my computer, especially at this time, is just too much for me to be able to do anything else on my computer at the same time. I'm a patient person but I have other stuff to do so I'll wait for a bit longer, but if you don't respond I'll get off of PS and go do something else for awhile. I will definitely get back on though and try again a bit later, as the deadline is early in the morning tomorrow (iirc), so this is likely our final chance to get this battle done. Hopefully we can get this battle done.
    Hey man how are you? I bet you're enjoying your time instead of just staring to a mountain of pixels here on smogon, well have fun and see you when you're back ;)
    I can be online almost any time today, just send me a VM when you want to battle.
    Would you be able to play in an hour? Also, CT is Custom Title, the message under your name.
    Hey Temp, we're opponents for round 1 of the OU Mini Tournament #3. I'm GMT + 13:00 and can be on almost all day for the next few days. Also, is your CT a reference to Bad Meets Evil? Jw.
    Grats man! You have some real good posts to be badged in under 100 so congrats! Keep it up when you come back :)
    Everything fine here, thank you. Classes started and I'm usually busy in the morning, so that's why we didn't met so often in the past days. Anyway, I may go and stay around a bit on PS now, so if you want to meet there it's fine. If you can't well, we'll talk later.
    we might not be on the same side of the argument, but i definitely enjoy reading your posts and debating this with you. keep up your good work man, there's definitely gonna be a badge coming your way soon :)
    lol temp dw about mop he's been around since fucking forever and while he's a good player, all he's ever done is troll shit. you can only find him on IRC these days (in fact, i just checked, and his only remaining badge is the AOp, the others are all alumni cause he HAS been around a while... been a troll the whole time as that thread should demonstrate) so that's why guys like Eo and TFC post for him
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