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  1. Pal Park Multiple Times Within 24 Hours Glitch

    O_o wow... This alone deserves getting another version of the GBA games! Great find!
  2. GTS Cloning Trick

    The WLAN way seems a lot more reliable. I'm going to try it as soon as I can.
  3. Breeding Guide

    Awesome work! :) Just a thing I have noticed; in "The species of the baby", Phione and Manaphy info is missing.
  4. Chimchar/Ditto Breeding Experiment

    I think it's locked to the cart. I was breeding a japanese Alakazam and adamant US Sableye with everstone, and after 15 tries I got only one adamant sableye. I replaced the Alakazam for one of its children and I got the usual 50%.
  5. I need some help for a D/P Avatar Calculator

    Male, 08616 School Kid Bug Catcher Ace Trainer Roughneck
  6. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer.

    Does anyone knows if american DP is compatible with japanese Battle Revolution?
  7. Fixed bugs in non-japanese D/P

    Sounds promising, but I didn't knew that glitch. How it is done? About the E4 door glitch... I'm almost sure they took it out, but I can't try it yet. I'm still trying to catch a perfect Dialga.
  8. Fixed bugs in non-japanese D/P

    With the help of a friend from my forum I've tested two bugs that were present in japanese D/P: using ditto in double battles for cloning items, and letting ditto faint after a transform so it keeps the opponent's moves after the battle. We've checked that Gamefreak has fixed them: in the new...
  9. The Characteristics Thread

    I asked a friend who knows japanese and he told me that it depends on the module. IV mod 5 can give 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4. Depending on what you obtain, you'll get a different phrase. We don't know more, but here's the link to the japanese info: