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  • You plan to cut them all off so humans can't reproduce and then take over the world. played brawl without me..? ;_; FUCK YOU.

    Haha jk, but we need to get some more people and brawl sometime.
    no it's ok you can have it. I would of just kept it in my box forever since I didn't know what to evolve it to LOL xD At least you would be doing something with it like releasing it. I'm a packrat :B
    Hey Test, is there anything you need from my thread? If so, I have you covered. :)

    I think I will get some pokes cloned to help Eon after I finish some pendings. I would have to transfer alot of stuff to Diamond, but its the Holiday season. You just have to open your arms and give.
    aww man Its gunna take forever to get it to evolve hahaha
    That eevee is special (it has crap IV's...) but I got it from bebe, was special to me =]
    Could I have the regular please, (reminds me of pokemon colleseum :D) no thanks for the EV's I don't want to be a bother, besides I'm making a strange team anyways xD (platinum fc please)
    OMG its you that helped me with vash! I need to get you something for your help. Its kinda hard since you have perfect pokemon and the only ones I have are from you =/
    thats wierd, i added your diamond code and it said I already have you added o.O we must of traded before xD
    If you want to give it to me thanks! I'm not that great, your good you just need some practice. I added your friend and I'll be on if you want to give me the umbreon.
    eeee, Aroma or Flora? lol

    I honestly see "Aroma" like a cut-off from a word though, like it's incomplete. It's like there has to be a continuation to that word! I think I've seen "Aromatherapy" too much or something.
    Very very ggs Test! ^_^

    I sucked terribly with Captain Falcon tonight, and you played well. You earned yourself 2 credits in my thread, enjoy them~! :3
    Well, it is kind of cheesy rhyme name.

    Yeah, pronouncing it or maybe even typing it. But, I guess people say "Aroma" because it's the first word in the name, but I always liked going with "Flora."
    Oh I quit playing competitive and would of loved to play with you guys but my mom just came home and im supposed to be studying so I had to leave ^.^"

    It's ok you can keep the pokemon...., I don't want to take it from you unless you wanted to trade =/
    Haha, maybe I am. I'm just worried if people can read my name out loud right or something.
    Thats why spear pillar isn't a neutral stage xD
    So I won the matches.....

    Btw please don't say anything to lizardman ;)
    @ Everyone who's interested in Brawling I VM, il show offline on Smogon as I like to shut down all internet applications when playing online. See ya on the Battlefield.
    Ok ill play some games but I gotta later. A neutral stage is like final destination and smashvil but whatever its ok. As long as no time and items please =/.
    my code is 1375 6884 0595 and im going on. What are rules? whoever wins a game? who wins best of three. One credit=one pokemon? Btw no items and neutral stages right?
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