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  • I'll help if I can.. but I don't evenknow what this driver you're talking about is. xD I don't know a lot about computers. :s

    Not everyone.. Especially as bad as me. Its like I'm drunk or something, seriously. xD
    Yeah, I guess you're right. But since you're dad's bringing the modem you can do it now, right? :) And I can kick your arse in brawl. :D

    Yeah, fresh is on marriland and I think pojo, but I'm not sure... I know he's on marriland.
    I might.. Idk. Dx

    Oh, thats right.. I'm like a little kid. I can't have any caffiene or sugar before I go to bed or I'm up til 3 AM. xD
    Just take your sister's and tell her to buy one. xD Jk, but $40? :O
    Yeah, and computer.. stuff. xD Yep, I remember now. :d

    No, the Youtube video. xD I don't know a lot about computers, so I don't know how to help you. Sorry. :(

    Why?? Sleep is good. xD And dammit, now I can't find my wii.. Wtf?
    Oh, I think I know what Aether is now.. I think. xD Of course, it has to involve drawing... t_t

    Lol oh my god. What the hell was that? xD It was pretty funny though.

    Okay, just a sec. I might be able. :D
    I'll see what I come up with ^_^
    I'll also go for the Spore challenge, as I have Spore Hero Arena on my cart.
    Wtf is Aether? xD I may be able to get it sooner too. Like tomorrow sooner. :P so get the modem from her, and tell her she can brawl too if she wants.. and if you want. Screw your computer, go buy a laptop or something. xD

    Orly? Give me a link. :P
    I want to brawl too.. Dx My brother is coming home next weekend, so I'll tell him to bring it. And I don't use Ike. :o
    That's because you have a strange digestive system..I told you that hobo you ate might mutate your insides! =o
    Dammit, I can't. :( My brother took my game with him to college. Maybe next week or something.
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