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  • Thanks for the Eevees! Is it the Espeon or Glaceon? I forgot >.<

    So should I evolve them before putting them on my thread, or just keep them UT?
    Hey, is your WiFi back up? If so, could I receive the Pokemon from your giveaway now?
    THEY know what they're talking about. xD
    If you want a good team, go check out the teams in the RMT Archive. xP Thats what I did for my first OU team and I actually did okay. After a bit, you get the hang of it and can make a team pretty easily. Not necesarrily a good one, but... xD

    Yeah, it worked! xD Why did you need it?
    Wait...seriously? So you're just a collector??!! :O You have to battle, its addicting!! xD You should at least try shoddy. :3
    Lol all right. If you need any help with it, let me know.
    Of course I have!! I love it!! :P

    Yeah, I've been testing it in my UU team and it owns. Nature doesn't really matter, his defenses aren't that good anyways.
    I can get the egg moves on a flawless Smeargle if you want. Do you know the double battle trick?
    Yeah I do!! You taught me how RNG and you've already done a BP for me. :o So just tell me what you want. xD

    Torchic (shiny if possible)
    31/31/30/30/31/31 (HP Grass)
    Egg moves: Agility, Baton Pass, Counter

    This? :3

    Oh, I see... Why do you need to scan your pic? :o
    Yeah, I do. This isn't free.. xD
    Thats fine, whenever you can get it done is great.

    Its your stupid driver's fault. xD Jk.
    Thanks, its good to know that somebody likes it. xD

    And to get a new thread, just go ask a mod to lock your old one. Then you can open a new one. :3

    I really hate to ask you this, because I'm already owe you a lot, but do you think you can do a BP for me? >_< I'd catch some stuff for ya. Don't feel like you have to if you don't want to either.
    Yeah, sorry. I really want to brawl too. :(
    ..Really? I thought it kinda sucked. xD Thanks though.
    I guess I could do that but can it wait? I need to finish a couple of things here then Im going for a small nap..Im fucking tired. D=
    Use my 2nd FC please. Lmk when you're on because I need to go to another room.
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