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  • We'll play first no. is lead. We're going to have to play another day. As I have to go out ><. I'll choose in advance, pick between 1-30 for me since my others are being used elsewhere ><. 109, 271, 16, 102, 87, 96. [No Ubers!]
    I have a request to as of you, I am in need of a male kingdra with Dragon dance and Hydro pump. this to breed my soon to be moxiemence :P
    lemme know, I added a bunch of stuff so you might want something and something to spend them credits on you still have :p
    Oh lol. You mean like the TRU event?

    What I did was I saved one step outside the ruins after Cynthia goes inside them. Then I hit my seed and advanced to my target frame (I forgot if the phone works there, so you might have to use the radio) and went inside. And luckily, the frame didn't advance at all and I got my shiny Giratina :)

    But to answer your question exactly, the IVs are set when you pick which one you want.
    Like, for the roamers? I think when you release them into the wild the IVs and stuff is set. But I haven't played Pt in such a long time I forgot what you even need to do to release them xD

    For stationaries Iirc it's the same as in HGSS.
    Maybe Modest HP Grass? :P Or you can always do a non shiny spread. Not sure what nature/HP though.
    You only need the blocks if you want certain Pokemon to appear in your Safari Zone. Fore example, you need blocks for Beldum to appear. Does that answer your question? I still think I misunderstood xD
    Yes, Heracross is a Headbutt mon. I'm also going to get a Shiny Adamant Shroomish from a Headbutt tree, I think in a Repeat ball :)

    Well, the blocks simply suck. You have to wait for them. Changing the date does not work. But there's another option, which I use, because I simply am to impatient: an AR code. I'm not sure if I answered your question, though :P I didn't really understand what you were asking.
    Thanks :)

    I'm going to do some more Safari mons on my To-do list tomorrow and hopefully get Latios soon! I also can't wait to try RNG abusing a shiny Adamant Guts Heracross in a Love Ball <3
    Yeah, I know, shiny Togekiss is meh. But it's ok. I just finished my Calm Togepi!

    It's ability 0 so Guts Machop lol. But I guess that could work! Guts isn't a bad ability, but Dynamic Punch is so awesome.
    I'm currently working on RNGing Cynthia's Togepi egg in Pt. It's too bad my shiny spreads are all ability 0 (Not Serene Grace D:). So I'm just doing a non shiny Calm one :)

    Or do you think I should use this shiny spread I found: Brave Ability 0 (Hustle) 31/31/31/31/28/20. I was going to but... Idk. I think I'd rather just do the Calm nonshiny one :)
    Great job! I'll put the Adamant Latios on my To-do list! I have some more Safari Catches I want to do first :P
    You should! I haven't seen any physical Latios on Smogon. I know it's pretty gimmicky, but there's already so many Timid ones :P
    Nice :3

    I think I'm going to do a Calm Latias and an Adamant or Jolly Latios (Dragon Dance Latios! xD) on my HG and SS.
    Yeah, I think Modest is better. Kyogre's speed isn't worth using Timid, Imo. Plus, it has great bulk so it doesn't really need the speed :]
    Very! It's basically the same. You just save in front of the man who you have to pay, hit your seed and verify it, talk to the man to get inside and advance to your target frame. And recently the encounter slots have been mapped out so it's much easier now! :D

    I can teach you how to use the slots whenever you want to try Safari RNG!
    Oh, I see :P

    I caught myself a Shiny Safari Adamant Croagunk with Dry Skin :D I want a Calm Storm Drain Shellos but my Calm spread is Ability 0 :/ So I might just do a non-shiny one!
    Is there any specific pokemon that you really want? If so, you can abuse a spread to make that pokemon shiny (if you want it shiny). If not... then Idk :P

    Jolly is good for lots of things on HG. Did you catch a Mankey yet? Or Heracross (♥♥)? :)

    I still have LOTS of captures I want to do on HG with my Adamant spread. And I have a lot to catch with my HP Ice spread on SS which I still haven't even played through yet. Same with Pt... It's going to be a while before I restart any of my games :P
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