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  • Yeah, I did have to use my AR to check the IVs so I know which delay and frame I hit, but that's it. On an emu you can actually see the frame advancing and you know which frame you're on, so it's much easier to hit your frame.

    I would just pick a Pokemon that you want shiny and then abuse for the nature and IVs that it benefits the most from. For example, a while ago I really wanted a shiny HP Fire Latias in a Love Ball. So I abused for Timid HP Fire and I just caught any other Pokemon I could think of that could use that spread :) Another example would be the current spread. I only picked it to get Piplup, but now I can use it for a bunch of other things!
    That's ok, you didn't have to comment, I just wanted to let you know since you were supporting me :]

    I'm going for most of the Stationary pokemon, definitely a Calm Heatran, I'll see what else.. I also want to catch a Calm Chinchou! :D Not sure what else. I want to get through this file ASAP to abuse for the Modest/Timid HP Grass spread that I originally wanted. And then speed through that file. I also have a ton of HGSS stuff I want to do!
    Hey, I finally got my shiny starter!! :D

    Thanks for your support ;) Now I can play through Platinum and catch some things with my Modest, Timid, and Calm shiny spreads. :3
    Hmm. There's always TR spreads but Idk if you can catch a lot with those. Maybe try a different HP type, and possibly a mixed nature like Hasty/Naive. HP Fighting maybe? Or HP Ground or Fire or Rock... Idk lol. I always have trouble with spreads.

    Right now I'm stuck with Modest 31/31/31/31/31/31 Method 1 frame 1 for Piplup but it's so annoying! I keep getting frames higher than 1, but when I abused for a spread on frame 7 I kept getting frame 1! So I thought if I abused for frame 1 I would be able to get it easily :( But I keep hitting 4-9, and I once hit 2. Well, I'll keep trying :P
    High frames in HGSS suck especially with the radio since you can only do one at a time .-. DPP is better for hitting higher frames.

    Good luck with Latios :D :D
    Yeah, but OmegaForte sort of helped out! Now I just have to keep resaving until the NPCs advance to my target frame for me. Whoo. .-.

    I'm using an Adamant spread :3 I like Latios' shiny form better than non, but I like Latias' non better than her shiny. xD
    It could be going better... I keep hitting 39, and my target is 41. Problem is if I wait just 1 second longer the frame jumps past 41. Soo I'm trying to figure out a way to advance the frame without the NPCs, but I don't think there is a way :(

    Oh, that's good! I still have Entei on my HG that I want to RNG, and I'm probably going to do the same for Lati@s on my HG and SS except nonshiny. :)
    It is a lot of effort, but I'm determined! A Modest Shiny Piplup is my target. Thanks for your support :3

    Yeah, Idk why but whenever I have Roamers they just mess everything up and once I KO them everything works fine. I'm glad Radio Seed was created :)

    If the rebattle code does have them respawn, then good luck with Latios!
    I tend to have really good luck... Idk why :P I hope my luck comes into play soon, though. I'm trying to get a shiny starter on my Pt cart but it's going to take a while for me to hit my target frame. Especially since I have to rely on NPCs. But I was successful on my HG cart :D

    Hmm. I'm not 100% positive, so I would use the code, faint it, go through the E4 and Lance as fast as possible, and after, see if it respawns. If it does, faint it and RNG it. If not, that sucks :/
    Ok, I was just wondering, since someone else posted a problem about their radio not working.

    Lol, it isn't very likely that you'll trigger the frame advancement with 1 step xD
    hi mole, If you are doing a non shiny roamer you don't have to worry about weather or what Pid frame your on, all you have to do is keep re-hitting your seed and advance by 1 chatot(1st time 0 chatot, 2nd time 1 chatot, 3rd time 2 chatot, etc...) until you get your desire nature.
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