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  • I'm big on giving out free stuff to newbies, but I think you should read the VM before this. ;)
    Hence why I said you should try learning.
    Anyway. Just found this, how about you download those Ditto? Should be enough to last a lifetime. They were RNG'ed by Kaphotics.
    Cool. I'll get those later, maybe tomorrow or something. I'll tell you when.
    Haha. You should try to learn how to RNG in 5th Gen, it's literally just starting your game on a certain second, piece of cake. :P
    I actually don't have any right now. It takes like five minutes to get a flawless one, though, so what nature are you looking for?
    hey man i dont have soulsilver anymore though, i gave it back to my friend the best i can do is give someone the pkm file, they put it in there 4th gen cartridge then trade it to you
    Hey. To your post in my thread.

    I'm not interested in events, but I'm willing to give you a good Ditto or something so that you can breed those yourself, if you'd like that.
    that sucks, well just tell me when your internet is back up, i hold your pokemon for now
    alright after 5 we can trade back i will try to be on and it doesnt let me accept the FR but i will leave it there, see you tomorrow
    alright cool yea youll get them back. around what time will you be on? its 2:55am where i live
    not at the moment, but i could get them, i was going to ask you if i can hold on to this pokemon until tomorrow so i can clone a few if its okay with you? you can still hold on the scizors and i can get both eeevees and if you want i can train your pokes that arent level 100 to be lvl 100
    uh somwhat, i tried to keep them "legit" as possible by giving egg moves the real way, i used ar to give them specific ivs and if i wanted them to be shiny or not.
    just i quick note most of the pokes im giving you can be used competitively(flawless ivs), the reason i didnt train them was because they didnt have the nature and/or ability i wanted so its up to you what you want to do, they are yours now
    lol well im back in wifi, im giving you a bunch of rejected riolus xD have fun with them!
    just to let you know all of them are flawless (perfect iv's)
    damn this connection shitty hopefully we finish this within 20 minutes Dx
    im in the wifi room
    your going to hold the scizors for me until we finish with your trading
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