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  • Never mind, But as you saw my Snorlax is legit so I can not even be put on blacklist.
    I do not know how that could happen but I'm not a hacker, please believe me.
    I do not know but it is not a reason for me to blacklist.
    you counted ability ''Thick fat'' ?
    If you'd read the rules of the blacklist thread it actually says "If you have something to say, fine. Just make sure it contributes somewhat." I was contributing, I wasn't taking sides or saying anything negative about you, (I really don't appreciate your insulting me for no reason either, incidentally) just mentioning something which may be a factor. Like I said, for all I know and care it could be a hack, now could we just drop this please?
    Look, I don't want to argue about this, like I said, the Snorlax could be a hack for all I know or care. I was just pointing out that different damage calculators can give different answers, as I've been in a position before where I thought somebody's Pokemon had done too much damage, but another calculator proved it was fine...I'm not insinuating you're making stuff up or your claim isn't valid or anything, just that you haven't proved without a doubt that it IS a haven't exhausted all options, he could've had max Def or some Def some HP...whatever, I don't actually care, the only way to deal with it is to check the Lax in question.
    gg man. i swaer i've never seen a TrickUxie before, and you're the second battle in a row i've had to face it. xP
    Hey, i show you it to you but I would like an apology later, if they are not too much trouble ^^''
    Ok,you are online now?
    between 10 minutes i'll show you if you're still there
    Um, you kind of were, you didn't know any of his Snorlax's stats, you were making educated guesses. And I have personally experienced different damage calcs giving different results, Smogon's calc gave me less damage than two other ones did (Metalkid and Psypoke). I wasn't spamming the thread, just offering some advice, as it was really not a lot of evidence to go on to blacklist someone - especially taking into account differing results from damage calcs and that you only had approximate HP figures too. I'm not picking sides, for all I know the Snorlax could be hacked, just adding a pretty relevant point to the discussion.
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