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  • Also, for whenever somebody votes a past gen, have them include the name of two players from that list. It should be small enough that we might as well know up front who exactly we have in mind. Thanks.

    So, can you make two lists that are in hidetags in OP: 1. Players that don't want to participate in BOTW (Donkey + Faint for example) and 2. Players who are willing to play gens 1-4 (with which gens they would be willing to make). You should post about it so that people can speak up as well.
    I'm not expecting this week's game to happen so if it looks like it won't, I would probably redo the vote (since the whole point was the donkey x sasha gimmick) and also have them vote on what gen ubers they want to see.
    We are going to be launching past gens support real soon, could be a way to keep botw fresh. What I mean is, in addition to the players, people can vote for the gen to be played as well.
    Trainer Au
    Sounds good, people have been doing that a bit lately and everyone seems to like it.
    hi, that works.
    i'm 'dice' on irc (commonly found in #ubers as well); you seem like you may be online now, so come online and we can talk?
    Trainer Au
    Sorry i was gone and i left my computer on, i should be on tomorrow though.
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