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  • So when are you free? I'm not gonna be free much at all as soon as September hits, really. (School)
    >.< ... you haven't seen my time trial things yet. But, I believe that you'll take most of the racing cake. I love battling, so you'll be going down there (I hope). :)
    Btw, welcome to the Man Cave. I'm waiting until we have more members before starting Smogon's hot 100.
    You do realize that when you posted this, it was 3:50 AM here.
    Be sure to take in mind time differences when we set a time...
    And why do I have the feeling that if we never battle, I'll never get a win? I'll post my time trial records up to compare them to yours, whenever I get time.
    Awesome! Looking forward...
    Also, I'll try to post my time trial info as well.
    Hahaha, no problem Wario.

    We're still going to race / battle however. Is your FC on THAT Mario Kart social group's board? Also, congrats on the 9999 rating.
    Are you interested in joining the active social group Team Neutral?
    We do battles and everything.
    Literally anything we can think of.
    Are you interested?
    I've lost practice as well, but hey, a friend code just broadens horizons.
    I agree! A Mario Kart tourney would be excellent, the only challenge being the wide range of time zones that must be taken into account.
    Speaking of which, what's your time zone? Mine is GMT -4 [New York, Washington, Toronto, Ottawa]
    No problem Wario!
    I was really surprised at the lack of a MKart group, so after looking for one and realizing there wasn't one, I decided to take matters into my own hands and start one!
    Good to see a Kart fan! Just post your code in the group's thread regarding it, and that way others can add you as well.
    Do you play Smash Bros Brawl as well? I'd love to have you participate in the smash bros thread as well!
    Thanks again, Mr. OSSIM!
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