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  • No, actually I'm not looking for a RNG abused one. I'm just looking for a normal male Qwilfish with the move Swords Dance, and isn't Swords Dance an move tutor?
    Umm... well, do you have FiredRed/LeafGreen games on cartridges? It's because I'm searching for a Qwilfish with the move Swords Dance.
    Hello again! By the way, do you have access to Generation III games? :)
    Also, I'd prefer that you not touch any of the legends. Ho-oh is irrelevant. You can catch it, kill it. Whatever. Keep Mewtwo, Lugia, Moltres, Articuno, Suicune, and the Lati where they are please. All you need to do is get all 16 badges. :)
    Sweet. Since it's Korean, I'll send you the HG rom as well. I'll send you the megaupload link once it's finished uploading. :)

    I'd say no AR but good luck finding any codes. No Pokesav as that completely destroys all the save files Korean Characters. If you can get Pokegen to keep all the Korean characters, you may use that to get super uber Pokemon to blaze through the game. xD!
    Once you're done with the .sav and sent it to me. I'd prefer that you'd delete it, but you don't have to. I just don't want to see anything pop up with that ID/SID :P I get a little greedy hehe.
    Also as a part of payment you will also get two shinies that I RNG from the sav file as part of the payment. Once it's complete, I'll give you the list of what I'm going to be getting and you can choose the two from there. I'll PM the link to the my zip file in a minute.
    Ohh... I didn't know that, thank you very much for clarifying me, I thought it is applicable to all Wondercards. ^^; Anyway, I hope that spread was fine with you since that's the primary set for Jirachi on Generation V anyway, and there are rare Careful Jirachis around here as well. :)
    For passing the Wondercard, check the Wondercard. There should be a "Delete" option and some sort of a "Send" option there, choose the "Send" option to pass the Wondercard to another game. :)
    There is actually, when you go to Mystery Gift, choose the "Receive Gift" option then choose the "Receive from a friend" option, that's where you can pass your Wondercard from one game to another. :)
    Here's the details of the Jirachi:
    Pokemon: Jirachi
    Nature: Careful
    IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Poke Ball: Cherish Ball (already set)
    Shiny: No
    Date: Current date if possible or the latter days of June (26-30) this year.
    Nickname: No Nickname
    Suggested Seed: Maybe just search for a flawless seed with little frame.

    Just for fairness sake, maybe pass the Wondercard also to your HeartGold game so you can have another Jirachi to RNG abuse with your own preferences. Just search again from the list of Pokemon that I VMd to you as my payment for the Jirachi. By the way, is your SoulSilver a legit cartridge as well? :)
    So you have the Jirachi then? Care if you do another WP (Wondercard Project) for me for the Jirachi if it's OK with you?
    Yeah, legit Wondercards. I'm actually looking for a Jirachi or Mew Wondercards, do you have those?
    Well, it will be your decision. If you want me to place the Kyogre on my trade thread (once I put up) or you don't want to, it will be your decision. Also, it's fine with me if you will place the Palkia on your thread, don't worry on that. Anyway, do you have some Wondercard Pokemon that you got from your Wondercards?
    We finally did it lol! Thank you very much for the Kyogre!! By the way, if you decided to put my Palkia on your thread, make it Non-Redis, meaning they can't trade it, place my name there as well for credit purposes. Thank you very much again! :)
    Sure, just tell me the FC. By the way, would it take for about 10 minutes to clone the Palkia? :)
    Oh wait, I guess I have a different schedule today, so let's continue the trade now. I'll be going online now. :)
    Oh I see, then maybe we can continue this later then, maybe 7 hours later, since I have to go to school now. :)
    Can we continue our trade now? My internet is still acting weird but we can still try. :)
    could you please PM me with a whole explanation from where you stopped I dont want to wait until your online until i can advance I'll ask questions later, OK?
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