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  • And you, sir, have a skill! :)

    Do you have a trade thread yet? I'd love to look it over later.
    Wow, great job on RNGing those pokemon? Does that Serperior have a particular Hidden Power?

    Feel free to CMT to see if there's something you'd like for a copy of them. :)
    Yeah I'll try that, also I just googled and read something about players having more success if they turn on their C-gear so maybe try that see if it helps..? O_o
    Sure I can do that, do I need to add a different FC? I think something is weird with 5th gen wi-fi I had a bunch of trouble connecting to someone several days ago, I just kept going back in/out and turning my game on off till eventually it worked. :/
    Still nothing. I need to get going

    If this doesn't work real soon, then i'll just contact you about this later, okay?

    EDIT: Sorry bro, going to have to DC since i'm on a tight schedule. I'll be back in about 3-4 hours from now, if i see you then i'll VM you, if not, then how about this time tomorrow?
    I'm coming back into the room now, just lemme get that Tranquill

    Saving now, heading to WIFI

    On wifi

    Okay, registering 3rd FC.
    I'm now hosting, and i saw you try to connect, but then it says TURTWIG failed to respond or something like that... :(
    Hey saw your post in the Simple Questions Thread, when you're available could you check the SID of two pokemon please? If you are willing just register my Black FC as both pokemon are on there, I don't need them traded back either. Thank you! :3
    I just edited my post with it. What do i need to do exactly? Just trade you some random junk poke, or something specific?

    I'm going to the Wifi now.
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