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  • Okay, I'm searching too, I'm looking in 2010-2014 dates, found one so far, not sync though
    I haven't tried more than 1 before, Lets just keep it at 2 for the moment, and when it has multiple key presses, do I hold them all at the same time? Like it it was start and select, would I hold them both, or would I hold one release and hold the other release?
    Well, wouldn't that just make it a brave woobat? I didn't have any other columns that were shiny
    Yeah, the only good natured ones were on 1 and 3 >.> I've grown a hatred for woobats within the last 3 minutes :/
    Lol, got shiny woobat, not boldore, stupid woobats, they're almost as annoying as zubats, do I just need to restart the process over until I get boldore?
    Now when doing the chatot summaries, it's fine if I just switch between chatot and my roserade (sweet scenter), using the up and down arrows to get the 53 summaries, right? Or do I have to exit out of the summary and re enter to get it advanced?
    Woot, got the right one now, a lvl 31 mild boldore with the right IV's, female, and stats of 94/79/71/40/38/27 and no hold item. The lonely woobat was frame 52, and the boldore was frame 53. :D
    Weird, I generated the list, and hit my time once, and I got a Male Lonely Woobat with 77/41/33/37/36/54 as stats and no hold item. This was the IV's I was looking for. However, when I did the chatot thing, I ended up with a boldore that was docile and didn't have the right IV's. I checked on the list and docile wasn't next to any lonely's, does this mean I just didn't hit my time/hold down the buttons right?
    Okay, just transferred over a chatot from my pearl, going to do everything else you said and then report back
    Sorry I keep posting so much, but I found a new, better Seed for a shiny brave one; 31/31/31/6/27/31, with IV frame of 1, and a key of Dn-Rt (still need a little bit of explanation on how that's only 1 key), and a Star Frm of 105 .
    Also, sorry for my last post, now that I read it it's confusing even to me, just let me know if I need to clarify anything.
    EDIT: on another note, I just updated my version of PPRNG, that's why I didn't recognize the star FRM thing, sorry
    Awesome, help finally :D. Okay, I have my ID/SID input all in, I've found a pretty consistent as my timer0 C7f Vcount 60 Vframe 8. I'm doing it on the second floor of Mistralton Cave, since there are no NPC's in the area. After the standard seed searcher finished, I had a lot, so I found a pretty good brave one (going for the smogon set), but it has a !!! frame (I assume this is the star Frm you were talking about?) of 309, is the nature definite, or can i still change it with a syncronizer? It also has a key that says Up-Lf, but I only had 1 button checked off at the time of this search, but isn't that two button presses? Or is it just the left top diagonal part on the D-pad? And I do not know about ESV, I just looked on that list for Mistralton Cave, so yeah :p
    Yeah, I'm kinda lost when it comes to getting a shiny. I can RNG the IV's easily, but I just haven't found a solid guide for PPRNG for getting shininess. I'm hunting a shiny boldore with a 31/31/31/0-31/31/31 IV spread, with a bold/adamant nature. The only thing is though, is when I get into trying to figure out how to do induce shininess I'm confused, any help would be great :) and thanks for offering to help btw.
    okay cool ^^ ya i get bored alot too in the summer, luckly my pool will be opening soon :D
    sorry what are the rights on her? if any ^^ also i talk to my friends a bunch so if your bored feel free to drop a line xD
    ok tranfering now :) sorryabout the wait my black fc is in my sig ill be in when its done
    okay it will take a bit cause i have to shift it over, how long will you be on smogon for?
    opsy i posted that wrong i deffently can trade that heatran but its a male is that still okay? all the ivs and evd move set is correct or did you want ut?
    sorry if its to early to consider this but would you consider trading that flareon? I could realy use her ^^
    I just enjoy trading.

    That said, right now, I have a high interest in HQ DW RNGed pokemon.

    If you'd be up for a challenge, I can trade you some DW females and give you some sets to RNG breed.

    But yeah - you should totally make up a thread. It's a great way to share off your tallent, and to get A LOT of good pokemon to try out various teams w/.

    I'm a Magic The Gathering fan, and back when I played regularly I used to try out each deck, learn how it played, so I could find the best deck, and know how to play against opponents playing that deck. The same holds true for Pokemon I think. :)
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