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  • Yeah, I got both of them put in my trade thread now, they're pretty cool actually. I'm thinking about trying to do an RNG breed next, any suggestions? Also, do you know a good place for a guide on how to RNG breed with PPRNG?
    Edit: I just looked at the thread on how to remove the weather, I feel pretty dumb now :p
    Going to try something other than metang for the moment, I'm having trouble lifting the fog in the area. :( Going to go for Special Flawless Litwik and Elygem instead for now.
    While I won't be on much tomorrow, I'm available for the rest of the day. Would you like to trade in 20 minutes?

    Also, would you like a nickname for Tyranitar? I have a specific one in mind for Walrein, if that's fine with you.
    Yeah, will the fog stay cleared after I save and turn my DS on and off, or would I need to defog the area everytime I start the game up?
    Hmm, sounds pretty cool, I do need to put some more pokes in the hoenn area of my trade thread is it a swarm pokemon?
    Yeah, I'll have to learn how to RNG breed, but yeah, atleast I got some awesome regular foongus out of it, although shiny would have been great. Can't think of what to do next though, so many pokemon :P
    Ugh, I'm giving up on foongus, I just cannot get it right :( I've moved between all 3 routes it can be on and I can't get it on any of them :/ I'm just moving on to another one that works well
    Okay, well, I redid everything and my starting frame was 61 this time (don't know how...) anyways, I did 34 summaries (to advance it to 95), and it ended up on 99. The rest goes as follows: 34-99, 30-89, 32-97, 31-94. None of them were on the right one, does this mean I just can't do it in that area?
    Okay, I'll try that and report back, I ended up breeding another chatot, so the frame thing goes much faster now, and I've almost got a shiny, jolly, physical flawless cubchoo, just need to re catch it, since my chatot's peck to get it into the yellow critted and killed it -_-
    EDIT: just got cubchoo, going to go back and try foongus again now
    Hey Turtwig, I'm trying to RNG a foongus on route 6 right now, but I just cannot hit the right ESV; when I'm advancing the shiny frm, it always ends up being the pokemon right before or right after it on the list, does this mean it's impossible for me to get the foongus? To be more in depth, my starting frame is 50; the shiny foongus' is 95. I go to 45 chatters and get a Swadloon, the one before my target on the list, I do 47 and I get a karrablast, the one after my target on the list. However, when I do 46 chatters and I get a foongus with the right IV's and everything, but it's not shiny :(
    Oh yeah, and I also gave you a thanks in my trade thread for helping me RNG :)
    Hmm, yeah, might be my first breeding abuse project :P, do you know any ways of cloning that doesn't require AR? I used Pokecheck.com, but I heard that there are also programs that work with pkm files for macs too. I just see all the trade threads using cloning, and since I am thinking about making one, I figure it's a good thing to know how to do it. Anyways, you're welcome for gigalith, you helped me get it after all :)
    Oh, and gigalith has a ribbon on it, which prevents it from being put on the GTS, it's the only way I could clone it for you, I need to find a better way which doesn't stick the ribbon on :/
    I just figured out what's wrong, for some reason my FC changed in my white version... Don't know what's up with that, but my new one is 2666 3070 4201
    I might have figured out the problem we were having, could you try to go into the trade lobby again to see if what I did worked?
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