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  • Cool =)
    Yes you are right. It's 73-1-10=62. So you'll have to do 31 Joey Calls. If he wants a rematch the do 62 Elm calls. :)
    I am fortunate I have a pool to beat the heat, so far here weve only had two realy humid days. I rather be too hot then too cold always.
    If i catch anything next time when i go to the pond the summer ill show you haha, havent gone yet I need new nets! All thats by you is a field with snakes? that just gives me an image of indina jones falling into a pit of snakes..
    Hey Turtwig, seems like it's been a long time since we've talked, but anyways, I just had a question regarding fossil RNG'ing, are the IV's determined once I get the fossil, or when I pick up the pokemon itself from the museum?
    ya i remember there was little green lizards on the trees, my sister tried to catch one and pulled a chunk of its tail off :'( It was okay though haha Iv'e always loved fishing and trying to catch frogs, and lizards and what not. There is a pond by my house with goldfish, its kind of like a creek. I always let them go ofcourse :P Although Iv'e kept a frog or two before haha
    AH! your in florida i love floria ! Last time i was there I stayed at this pink hotel I think it was called don cesar it was right beside the water. I picked up shells only to find later, there was little krabbys in them. Like crustle kind of.. haha
    No hurry. Just VM me when you're free. Maybe put our trade in the "pending" section of your thread, so you don't forget. :)
    Sure, I'd love your 31/4/31/31/31/31 Chansey! Yeah, CMT - and be greedy! :)
    I should be free to trade in ~ 4 hours or so (I'm afraid we might have radically different time zones... if so, we can work something out on the weekend, I'm sure).
    I can't remember now, I'm going to try and start fresh again with a new seed, and keep everything recorded now. I'll let you know when I have everything down and know for sure my starting frame, and what happens when I try and hit the correct advances.
    Okay, well, it seems to be the right characteristic and nature as the shiny one, but it's not shiny :/ I remember you mentioning you fixed that somehow, could you tell me again?
    Edit: Scratch that, it isn't the right gender, so now I'm back at square 1
    Do you know if it's every time that the NPC moves it basically advances the frame by 1? I'm just think that when I'm about to pick up my egg, it takes about the time for the npc to move once for me to open the menu, then another second to be able to pick up my egg, so I was thinking that every time the npc switches direction, it might advance the frame by 1, since the egg ended up being 2 ahead in the frame from my desired one
    Well, found my starting frame for my second seed, hopefully this one isn't ruined by the npc.
    Everything requires patience nowadays doesn't it, sadly I never had much of it :p I'm sure I'll be so relieved once I actually catch this evil foongus :K
    Hopefully, sadly NPC's+Foongus never seem to be working out for me :/ I'll try it though
    Sounds interesting, but my hunt for even this foongus isn't going well :( I found my starting frame, 58, and my target frame is 65. I can go 6 and 7 advances, but then it doesn't give the right foongus; it just jumps around it :/
    Argh, I keep on missing my seed and not knowing till the egg hatches sucks :( I think I prefer regular wild RNG'ing, but I can definately see this method coming in handy
    Now's the time when I wish I had an AR with the fast egg hatch, but at least when I actually get foongus it will feel that much better to have hatched it completely by myself.
    Well, found a really nice seed for a foongus 31/30/30/31/31/31 HP Ice, Bold nature, and it's even checked off to be shiny.
    Okay, so I think I understand how to start, I put in the parents IV's (foongus as male, ditto as female), checked the ditto and everstone boxes off (I'm guessing I'll be using one to make the nature easier), set the nature and IV's I'd like, kept the IV frame 8, and check off up to two key presses. Now with the seed, do I just do it like a regular RNG and just adjust the PID frame? And then I'll get the pokemon I want? And does it matter if there's DW checked off for a regular breed like this?
    I think I'm going to start off with something non-dw, just to get the hang of RNG breeding first. I'm still disappointed over the whole foongus incident, so I think I'll make that my first target. I have a ditto with 31/31/31/31/31/31 IV's (got it in a trade earlier) and then I have a bold foongus with 31/x/31/31/30/31 that I got from a giveaway, so I think getting a flawless won't be too bad.
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