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  • The Timer0 was constant; and I ended up getting my correct duosion though :D, thanks btw, and I think it was just human error on my part (not loading fast enough, holding buttons for too long, etc.)
    Okay, I'm going to duosion now, on Route 9, hopefully this will be easy.
    EDIT: Just got the duosion, getting the hang of this ^^ Darn, forgot to put my sync in the front of my party -_-, and now trying to get it I keep getting a garbador, and it's not even on the list, so I believe I keep getting the time wrong or something :/
    Okay, thanks for clearing that up, I'll go try for myosin instead then, thanks! And I'll probably have to trade you boldore tomorrow.
    Hey there, I have another question regard RNG'ing, I'm after a shiny solosis atm, but I understand that NPC's interfere with the process. I think I found my starting frm, but when I did 5 chatter summaries, it jumped from 52 to 68, is it even possible to RNG with NPC's in the area?
    whatever you feel like giving, it'll probably be tomorrow though, since I'm tired out from all this rng'ing :p, I'll let you know when I have him, and I'll be sure to ask you if any more questions arise.
    Yeah, now I actualy know what I'm doing :), and i can clone the boldore for you if you'd like, after all, you did help me get him :)
    Thanks for all your help too, and thanks for putting up with me and my questions :)
    I got it now, i think it was my timing or the length I was holding the buttons, I was holding them until the white jintendo screen was over at first
    Man, even with this one, I can find the base one, in this case 48, I advanced 12 and got one with the nature t said on 60; both withthe right ivs, but I go 22 to get to the shiny, and it doesn't show
    Well, I'm going to try another seed, this ones set nature is adamant, which is fine
    It's not shiny, maybe for the starting frame i clicked to early, I'll try it again
    Hmm, I keep on getting woobats, :( I'm not sure if I'm not htting the time right or what, my base is 61 (it's the one that fit) and the shiny is 97
    Thanks so much for helping me with this btw, would you like a copy of the boldore once I'm able to get it? It's the least I can do for your help.
    edit: stupid spell check, boldore not noodles
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