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  • alright, i can play all day today from this point forward... if you wanna do the match today
    sorry, we'll have to either reschedule for a later time on saturday or move it to sunday. something came up irl.
    hi, don't idly post "/activity" without even trying to get in contact with me. you said you'd be available after tuesday, but we never decided on a fixed day to play. speaking of, we should do that now... so when do you wanna do this?
    whats up man, we have a match for the dpp forgotten year tournament. you can find me on PO2 on groudons grotto as Milos. im gmt-3, let me know when you can play.
    hey uh, we really need to battle for the RU Open. I'll try to be online as long as i can this afternoon / evening, but i'm on vacation so i'd prefer if you could tell me an actual time instead of me waiting online all day
    hey - we're paired for round 2 of the roa mini tournamnt. i can play today, but not the 22nd, and my timezone is gmt +2 today, but will be gmt on the 23rd. what's your timezone and when's good for you?
    i'm leaving town for a week tomorrow so we can play the sunday i get back unless you want to play now
    this weekend or next week preferably

    I'm usually online in the late afternoon or early evening

    GMT -8 until Sunday, then GMT -5 onwards
    Some time tomorrow or the day after I guess. Past 4 PM -4 GMT would be best for me.
    K i'll be available either of those days and i prefer to play on PO because i dont really trust showdown playing reliably xd.
    hey we are paired for ru mini tourney. Im gmt -5 and available basically anytime before 5 pm my time. You can usually find me on #rarelyused during the day. When are u available?
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