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  • Hello, I'm your opponent for the Gauntlet tournament, let me know when can we play
    We are now opponents for the inb4 nintendo Tournament. My time zone is United States Central. I'll have a team done by this weekend, so let me know when you can play.
    I'm your opponent for Unsuspected tournament. I'm GMT+2. Say to me when you're can play.
    I randomly came across your post in the RU topic and saw you lived in Kentucky; as do I. Not to be a stalker, but what part do you live in? :p
    Okay, just wanted to check since I was going through the ones still with the quality control prefix.
    Okay, since you have some Little Cup analyses, I'm here to tell you that the newest round of voting has ended, and Gligar, Misdreavus, Carvanha, and Meditite have been banned. Update your threads to take out any references of these and soon I or someone on QC will go through and note on some threads which need major changes.
    Sorry to inform you this but I have finals the next few days so I wont be as available as I'd like but feel free to pm me on this forum if you have any questions!
    Hi! I'm going to be your tutor for the Little Cup 101 program so please feel free to message me on IRC or PO (username on Irc is AromaX or comatt6) and I look forward to working with you soon!
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