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  • Thanks again! I'll breed Slowpoke and Lapras tomorrow, until they're ready I'll choose two more for trade (I'm avoidind major legendaries because of Battle Subway and Random Matchup).
    I have Carvanha and Poliwag ready, but I'll need to breed Slowpoke and Lapras. Do you want to trade those two today, and these other tomorrow? For Carvanha and Poliwag, do you agree in trade Darumaka and Litwick?
    Hmm, for that Timid Poliwag, I'll want the Darumaka, that's OK for you? I'll breed it now! :D
    PS: according to the guy in Battle Subway, the female "Alert to sounds" Timid Swift Swim Poliwag that hatched has IV 31 in Speed =D
    Thank you! Enjoy them! Yeah, if you find one or two more Pokemon of mine that you like, it would be awesome to get a Poliwag and Carvanha.
    First: very thanks! =D I'll show that Pokémon in my Trophy case, referencing you, if you don't mind, of course. ;)
    Second: about the Poliwag, I guess i have some spare females, if don't i'll breed one for you.
    I've decided: the Thundurus, the Drillbur and the Axew. My FC is 1120 0094 6679. Your's 4212 3316 6499, right?
    Well, one of them will be the Thundurus, for sure! =D I'll choose the other two. Also, your Pokémon are ready to trade, I'll VM you when I'll ready too. ;)
    That Carvanha sounds good too, so go ahead and choose 4. Thanks!

    Yeah, it's sometimes hard to get a trade thread rolling. I had one a few years ago, but couldn't really keep up with it. Offering female DW stuff is good though, many people (including me) are too impatient to look for them in the game, so just trading for them is much more convenient.
    Thanks! Despite I have a courageous trade thread (I'm not offering flawless/shinies there), I don't have a way to clone, or a cloner to help; I just aks to know your distribution rights ;) Ah, I have female Speed Boost Carvanha (with Thrash and Double-Edge) if you want...
    Wow, your Pokémon are really interesting! =D I have Vulpix ready; I have some Dratini ready, but I'll need to breed more; and I'm breeding Eevee now. I'll look to your offers and choose wisely (I hope :D). When I have all ready, I'll VM you, OK?

    PS: are they redistributable in some way?
    Are you looking for a female DW Vulpix? I have some of them. If you wanna trade, please VM or CMT. Cheers! :)
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