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  • Nice !

    I wouldn't mind EVing a DW one... CMT? Or I could just EV it and give you a copy...
    Yeah once you upload them they don't leave the site you can download the file then use another Fake GTs if you use pokecheck you will get a ribbon and that will make it hacked for official events and possibly there is another GTS that takes them and doesn't add the ribbon I forgot what it was called though you could just ask the shoutbox.
    Hello I am suprised no one has helped you out I mean its been days and most people when asking for a simple pokemon will reply with Check Pokecheck. o_o well here is a link to one if you still want it. Sorry I can't trade you one but my wifi is acting up. If you have any questions about DLing them or getting them into your game with out a ribbon or anything you can ask the shoutbox
    and if you don't want to do this period well I can trade you via wifi later.
    Hey, Tytus, I was just wondering, where did you get this sprite: ? :o

    I know you got it from Bulbapedia, but where on bulbapedia? I can't find them and I would like to see how they would look in my format :3

    Edit: Nvm, I found them! :D
    Done! The original will be holding the PPMax, and the copies will be holding a Life Orb each one. I'll be in WiFi in a few minutes. And thanks!
    Heheh, you posted in your own wall. OK, 2 and the original, and a Life Orb, there is no problem to me.
    2+Original please. And yes, you may distribute the stuff you clone for me. Other people just aren't allowed. Thanks!
    Also, do you happen to have a Life Orb? If you do would you attach one when you clone him?
    Sure :) I was waiting to visit DW, but I still have some minutes. How many copies do you want, and this is non-redis like the others? Black FC: 1120 0094 6679.
    Again, you're welcome. Just asking, what is the redis rights of this Tornadus, and of that Bagon from Emerald?
    Done, I'll be back in WiFi in a few minutes :) and your original Tornadus will be holding a Pretty Wing.
    Thanks again! And about RNG, that Zekrom will be my first own RNG, lemme get the synchronizer.
    Thanks for the Bagon and for the Life Orb! :) Going on with Black now, FC is 1120 0094 6679.
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