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  • Can I please trade you for this pokemon :)

    Truevillany's Shiny Timburr
    Moves: Mach Punch, Drain Punch
    TrueVIllianly's Timburr
    Adamant Nature
    Level 1 UT only
    Ability: Guts
    OT: Ares
    Location: Route 3
    This was traded to me by TrueVillany's for a Sycther
    Cloned Via: Action Replay Dsi
    Yeah sure. But post in thread first next time so I can keep track of line of people. Can't trade right now taking a mental break.
    9T is only good for a dedicated sun team.
    Volcarona really likes a turn to set up.
    I'd think Heatran > those 2, if only for it's protection from fire attacks. You've already got Conkeldurr and Gliscor for setup.

    Mixed Salamanece?

    Also, not sure Choice Scarf on Heatran's worth doing. I'd go with specially defensive... calm?

    Starmie should be life orb for rapid spin support.

    Also, you probably should have a spin blocker, assuming Stealthrocks and some form of spikes on Ferrothorn. I'd think Jellicent, but Rotom w/ Painsplit might be good too. Maybe Gengar?
    Generally speaking, it would be nice if the things that are intended to do damage are faster than your opponent's stuff.

    More specifically, when you have a pokemon that is supposed to OHKO or 2HKO pokemon, you want them to be faster than the things they KO.

    You can have your share of stragic switch ins/walls/healers/etc., but generally speaking, you want to have one or two fast, strong pokemon that have good coverage moves that you can hope to OHKO or 2HKO your opponent's pokemon.

    You can have slower pokemon and/or pokemon w/ priority moves to fight against faster pokemon and trick room teams, but generally speaking when you're on the offensive you want to be faster than your opponent. It means your guy wins the fight, and it means your guy takes less damage.
    Hey, we were going to trade Skarmony for Terrakion, remember? Have you gotten it back in stock yet?
    (note: BS is afraid of my avvy, "it's super effective!" - I wonder what would happen with 2 L's? xD)
    haha! You came at the right time, in about 15 minutes, I'm getting my hair cut for a cosplay...

    and I bet you can guess who I'll be cosplaying as...
    Thanks for the offer, but I need it to be EV trained on a 4th gen game, and I am unable to trade on my 4th gen games due to my WiFi :(. If I ever need something EV trained in 5th gen, though, I will let you know.
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