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  • Hi we're opponents for the UU open. I'm gmt+0 and I'm on irc 8am-8pm. I'll be on #genvuu.
    Hey there. 8pm EST is 5pm PST. Can you clarify which one is the correct time? I'll make sure to be on at that time.
    So... turns out I can't make this Friday, sorry. Are you available on Sunday? If not, we will have to play next Friday, as that's the next day I will have time within your designated hours.
    Hey, I am about to head to sleep right now, and I'll probably not wake up in time to battle you before work. I have this Friday off, so that might be the best time to play. Are you available on Friday?
    I'm at work. I should be home at 7:30pm PST. That's in about 7hrs. My schedule's the same every day as well.
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