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  • That's cool. I was trying to test teams, but kept having disconnects from the server. I'll keep trying, but so you're not waiting for about some time before 3 or 4pm tomorrow?
    Hey, can we get those battles done either today or tomorrow? I'm heading out of town this weekend for New Year's Eve.
    I've been on there for a while, so my mind is just about mush right now, and I might be leaving soon. That said, I can still probably squeeze in one battle, if you're up for it.
    Hey man, I've been on the simulator for about an hour and I'll most likely be on for a few more, if you want to get a battle or two done.
    Alright, with getting ready for Santa's visit, it might be hard to find a time, but hopefully we'll be able to work something out. I really don't have any CONCRETE plans for the next two days except after 6pm (GMT-5), I'll be gone for a basketball league.
    Hey broski, do you have time to get in a battle or two today or in the next couple days? The forums were down for a bit recently, but seem to be fine now.
    Hello phantom, it looks like we're paired up for ST9 Round 2. Just wanted to make contact, while the predictions are going on. My timezone is GMT -5 (eastern standard for USA). What's yours?
    Oh right, I just must build because Gene got banned, and it will be good.. So, the next week-end would be good I guess (we have so much time!)
    Ok, I'm personnally here Friday evening, which is imcompatible with your timezone (I'm GMT +1), it does like 2-3 AM by you when I'm here. So I'll try to be here Saturday and Sunday from 6 PM to 1 AM my time (=when it's night by you I guess).. About the platform, I prefer playing on PO2, because I lag so much on PS!. It would really easier for me if you can upload it.. If I'm not connected in Smogon at the times I mentionned, you can find me on Groudon's grotto PO2, or French Time PO1.
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