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  • Two questions:
    1) By any chance do you play Team Fortress 2 under the same name?
    2) Did you (A sandman-carrying Scout) absolutely wreck a confused-looking f2p n00bish Scout on Nucleus, like, yesterday?
    How about 9:00-ish PM, east-coast time? (GMT: -5 hours) (I'll be on Pokemon Showdown, under the same name)
    How do you like the Seedot I gave you? It's basically a copy of Skarm's Seedot, although since I gave him that Challange, no one can call a patent on it. :3
    Question about the Kricitune:

    Can I change the solo of 10 Trainers to 10 trainer mons?

    Using only Bide is a pain in the rear.
    I'm doing pretty well.

    I'm sitting on Cinnabar right now. Solo'd Sabrina with Battery, don't know if I mentioned that. Don't know why people complain about Sabrina xD

    I don't have time to do much of anything right now -- the only reason I was able to get some writing done recently is because I had a very long car ride, and I can only stand so much analysis for English class :P

    That said, your writing looks pretty excellent. I'll do my best to keep up with it.
    Hi, U18, how are you?

    Just here to let you know that Cp. 1 of my Prose Scramble is up. Also, how goes your scramble?
    Can I request getting a challange from you, User? Keep in mind that this IS a Scramblocké, but I wanna see what you can come up with for me. :) The game is Black.
    I'm on Cinnabar Island, but I haven't had time to write much recently. - Writing hasn't gotten to Silph yet. I have ideas for Silph Co. that I think will help deal with the issues people have seen with my character. If I have the time and inclination when I'm done, I intend to go back and deal with some of those early-story issues as well, to make the whole thing read a little better.

    Also, your story is amazing. My own writing pales in comparison ::::D
    ^_^ No problem, and also, I have a question about where you got your user icon at. From what I read about Homestuck before my computer deleted the data on it, I don't remember any Troll that looked like the one in your icon. :o
    @Mandibuzz: Thanks! I tend to think of things like that as more of the overall shape of the word. Two names that go Ce----n get confused sometimes. I thought I'd fixed all of those before I posted, but I guess not. The other one that's confusing is Veridian and Vermilion. Ver-----n.
    Love your updates, but just a minor nitpick in Chapter 5: At the end, it says you were leaving Cerulean, but weren't you in Celadon? :o Thought that was where the wrecking EQ was in the chapter, right?
    Just going to say that I rather like your interpretation of the museum. Adds a flavor that I never thought about before.

    Just keep up your great works :)
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