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  • Man, If you were at 9pm, it's normal that you are not seen me. We have 10 hours difference. I said 6am. It's 8pm for you.
    And I was connected on skarmbliss.
    If you want, we can retry tomorrow ._.
    We haven't the choice anyway
    Ok, I'll be on at 6am (my time (GMT+2)). On skarmbliss or smogon if skarmbliss is down. Don't be late plz, I don't want to miss my bus.
    Oh, I forgot that saboros isn't going. Just to let you know, cybertron already knows me, but never met him in person. And great, I will be glad to meet everyone =)
    We'll see, this time, I will pick some better pokemon choices against you and I will not time stall. And really,I have been playing longer than you have been?
    Awe, that's actually pretty unfortunate...

    Well, thank you! You going to nats?
    I laughed inside when you fought Dragonpolabear and you knew how his team worked already :D
    On skarmbliss ? The server was down yesterday all the day.

    But I have an idea for next week. I have to get up early to go to class, we could make our matches to 6 am (my time). It is 8 pm for you. That can arrange everybody. It is just necessary to agree on a day before. Which day you prefer ? The deadline is for thursday.
    It is already almost midnight and half, and I am tired. Sorry but I can't wait for you longer, we will have to find another moment to play.
    wow -8. I'm GMT+1 (+2 with the summer time !). It's a big difference but fortunately I'm in holidays. In view of the difference of GMT, we can play only in the evening (my time) and I'm not free this night. But tomorrow (friday) I think it's possible.
    Hey Dude. Long time no see :) Anyway I had this epic battle with I guy I think who has a Smogon account. Anyway here is the number: 77-63332-67806. Adios!
    Maybe, I just added a lot of people because I'm trying to make friends. :)
    Ok, that should work! :D and yes you are right about daylight saving time. See you on Smogon PO! :D
    I can play this Saturday (24th) on 2 PM your time, am i correct that Daylight Saving time(summer time) has already started in your region?(Here in Belgium it starts on the 25th of March)
    Ok, I believe California is -7 GMT. Are you available this saturday at 2:00 pm or later my time?
    Hi, i'm your opponent for R1

    I'm available during the evenings pretty much every day of the week and my timezone is GMT+1
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