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  • Neato. I can make that time. I'll be online tomorrow probably around 6 pm your time (I'm gmt-4) as either SoZettaFelix or FelixMinamimoto.

    Also lol triples I suck.
    I am getting online.
    I'll be idling on Groudon's Grotto for a long time because Smogon is so incredibly laggy for me. I may be AFK when you come online, but I promise I'll be back.
    Oh, come on. I keep missing you by like very little time too -_- ughasdhg. I will be out, most likely, at 1 pm. Any chance you can get on a couple of hours earlier (11 am) or later (like 7-8 pm, assuming I'm home by then?)
    Eo proposal? Well, where I can find you, and which hours (gimme your GMT too)? I'm usually on French Time the evening (GMT +1).
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