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  • Thanks for the BP's, sorry that the trading took so long, I have exams and our timezones don't match perfectly. I will trade you the gorebyss/huntail as soon as I have some free time.
    Thanks ;D

    I can give you the Swampert and Regice now in 4th gen if you want to.
    Just tell me your fc, mine is: 3825 2513 4039
    Could you trade me the 5th gen mons first? I'm about to trade in 4th gen right now.
    On a sidenote, I can't trade the huntail/gorebyss yet =/

    FC: 2923 9814 3828 (5th gen)
    There is something wrong with the online/offline apperance at Smogon since it crashed. I wasn't online..
    I'm at Miilanda's house right now and I don't know how Wifi works here (It's really strange here..) I could trade over 3.5 hours from now as she'll get home from work then.
    Hi, do you mind to trade tomorrow? Then I will have the other thingy too.
    I don't have the Gorebyss atm. Do you mind if I trade that to you thursday? I can trade the others right now.
    Oh and could you also evolve it in 4th Gen and Nickname it Weavile before Pokeshifting?

    I am not using an AR for my 5th Gen game so I do not have all those evolve items and stuff. It would be nice if you could PP max the said moves for me too as I do not own those medicine either.
    Hi, ventus. Any links with codes in them probably refer to Japanese games. I do believe the codes for English versions are available if you go to GBATemp, but I can't verify that they work.
    Lowest frames
    PID: c27d781a (HARDY, ability 0) 30/31/31/31/30/30 (Seed: 71110ba6 Method 1: 3
    PID: aba079d6 (HASTY, ability 0) 30/31/31/30/30/31 (Seed: 050d0ab3 Method 1: 17
    PID: e26d7450 (MILD, ability 0) 30/30/31/30/31/31 (Seed: 0a0002df Method 1: 5
    PID: c1677e3a (TIMID, ability 0) 31/31/31/30/31/31 (Seed: 48080a94 Method 1: 5
    PID: 7d9c0713 (BRAVE, ability 1) 30/31/31/30/31/30 (Seed: eb0105a0 Method 1: 29
    PID: 427df81a (CALM, ability 0) 30/31/31/31/30/30 (Seed: f1110ba6 Method 1: 3
    PID: 4167fe3a (BOLD, ability 0) 31/31/31/30/31/31 (Seed: c8080a94 Method 1: 5,
    PID: a74e6557 (CAREFUL, ability 1) 31/30/31/31/30/31 (Seed: 8d130947 Method 1: 17,
    PID: e9375a48 (CALM, ability 0) 31/31/31/31/31/31 (Seed: 8a01082e Method 1: 119, J (synch): 2, J (no synch): 4, K (synch): 2, K (no synch): 4) HP DARK 70
    PID: 6937da48 (MODEST, ability 0) 31/31/31/31/31/31 (Seed: 0a01082e Method 1: 119, J (synch): 4, J (no synch): 16, K (synch): 2, K (no synch): 34) HP DARK 70

    Both have a wondercard frame of 121
    so 60 flips collect pokemon
    1 frame before 26 so when you pick it up it will have the ivs of frame 26.
    Even frames are hard to hit, harder if you dont have a roamer

    You will have to experiment with doing 12 flips and letting the npc turn
    Doing 12 flips and collecting the pokemom and see whicj one works best for you
    For Wondercard journal flips its

    (Target frame - Roamers -1)/2 = journal flips

    So far you its
    24-0(I think you have no roamers IICR) -1 = 23\2 = 11.5
    meaning a npc must turn to advance your frame.

    It would be to your interest to find a pokemart that have 1 npc

    You can use pokerng to find seeds, but be sure you set the rngreporter to wondercard method when you input the seed.

    Also about the +2 thats only when you look for seeds via rngreporter, when you input the seed and select wondercard method it does it automatically.

    LMK if you need more info

    I will be on and off as I am trying to finish Wondercard HELL, and I inhaled too much smoke
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