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  • I'll pick them up tomorrow if you don't mind as I am busy with school stuff too.
    If you want to ev train those too, let me know and I'll reserve them for you.
    I will migrate them within 48 hours, probably with some more Impish natured abuses.
    okido, you will get the metagross's in a third trade from the fc in my signature if thats okay with you.
    and as for mewtwo, could you also ev it with 36 hp / 252 atk / 220 speed with bulk up / ice punch / earthquake / selfdestruct @ expert belt? (plus the set ive pmt you)
    I need them back on this FC: 5285 6732 0249. Which fc of you do I need?
    and we have to trade twice iirc.
    Friday and weekends aren't good. I'll pm you my addy when I get a few more minutes. I'm only at the computer during commercials just now.
    SID abuse I can help you with, but not pokewalker. I don't know how for pokewalker abuse. Ok, so I'll get back to you next week. When you get MSN, PM your address so I can add you.
    All right. What will you be wanting to learn when I have time? Are you still trying to RNG your SID?
    It's MSN, however, I have guests coming to stay starting this Friday so I won't be able to devote much time until after they leave. I have to get the house cleaned up beforehand too.
    Fridays are not necessarily good for me. My kids are also home from school then and they want their share of computer time. I'm lucky I'm getting any time right now.
    Forgot to say, when you get close to your delay, adjust your DS minutes to get onto the right seconds.
    Right most column of Pandora's Box. Fill that in with all your RNG data (date time delay max and min). Put in the ID you get, hit generate. Look at the possible SID. Use the delay to guess which one you probably landed on. Usually it's the one closest. Also look at your seconds. It'll usually be close, but not dead on. If you adjust the seconds too soon, you may get confusing results. So adjust by the delays of the adjacent SIDs.

    Unfortunately, I can't help you personally with this tonight since I'm busy with family, but if you're not in a hurry, perhaps on a weekday if you don't have classes, or a weeknight if my family doesn't mind that I'm taking a lot of time on the computer. Hopefully you can muddle through this without me, but if you still have trouble, let me know when you have free time that isn't on a weekend. Sorry, but weekends aren't good for me to help anyone. And I use MSN Messenger for helping, so I hope you have it.
    Did you read Rommstar's guide on post four of the help thread? Use Seed to Time to get a delay and an RNG time from the seed of your SID/OT combo and use that to set up Pikatimer. Make sure it's the seed of your SID/OT combo, not the seed of one of your spreads.
    It was just a one hour job at the kennel next door, so I'm back now. :-)

    Actually, your impish version has a huge amount of frames. You'll have no trouble getting encounter slots on the impish spread. I'm actually surprised it turned out like that. I would have thought they'd have the same amount of frames on method K too.

    You just have to put 31s in the relevant stats to generate the frames so they're easy to see.
    That last post was a cross post, sorry, but yeah, you only have three encounter slots for the jolly seed.

    If you see another post show up in which I say the same thing, it's SMogon's fault. The forum is being really weird and slow and it takes three minutes to update a page. Plus it may or may not have eaten my last VM to you.

    I have to go to work, sorry.
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