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  • SMogon is being really slow today, so I may not be able to respond again (I,m going to work). If you're checking for a decent frame count on method K for this spread of yours, make sure you're using a seed in RNG Reporter and not a PID. The PID is used on Pandora's Box to generate possible sid/ot combos, not for using in the main window of RNG Reporter, because it's not a seed. Go to the fourth post of the help thread and read Rommstar's guide. Pay attention to the pictures. Everything you need to do is there. Good luck.
    What seed? Post it here. And what do you mean by sucky IV results? Do you mean you can't find your spread when you generate using method K?
    You use Method K in RNG Reporter by choosing Method K where it says method near the top left, and you should always have a sync that matches your target nature. With a sync your target spread often repeats and different frames (each with their own encounter slots for wild pokemon--encounter slots don't matter for legendaries, just use the most convenient frame for legendaries).
    Well, when you do get results from the first column. Pick a SID and OT, write it down, write down the delay. Write down the seed. Use paper. Because when you need to get to Seeds to Time, all your results disappear for good. Also, you should use the SID and OT to generate shiny results in PokeRNG just to confirm that it does give you your spreads. Then use a seed from PokeRNG to check for the number of repeated frames with a synch. Low or one encounter slot is very very sucky because it ruins your ability to catch many wild pokes.
    You could put a desired ID in there, but you'd probably need to do an infinite search, which will take ages. I suggest you leave it empty and just see what results you get. You may find a sid and ot that you like from the generated list.

    We have a thunderstorm here. I may be forced to shut the computer down quickly if it gets worse. Just wanted to warn you so you'd know why I disappeared suddenly, if I do disappear.
    You need to put it in the left column. I forget which game you're doing, but a decent starting delay is around 6500 and you should limit it to around 8000. 6500 gives you roughly a minute and a half to get to the part of the game where the SID and OT are created.
    Sorry for the slow response. I had to head out as well.

    Yes, delays don't matter since it's just the PID you want. All seeds for the same spread (same ability, nature and IVs) will be shiny on your game if you RNG for the SID of that spread.
    This is true, but sometimes the second spread has a crappy (neutral) nature. Some people use a spreadsheet, HighIVShinySpreadGroups, search the forum for a link to that file. I guess if you find two spreads together and they are the same, it means they are twins. But I find it takes too long to scroll down the list and it's faster to use PokeRNG. After you choose a possible SID and OT for your target spread, you can use PokeRNG to generate shiny spreads for that SID and OT to see what the twin is. You can also check for any decent shiny spreads that might go with them. Also, never choose a spread only because it looks good. Check a seed from the spread in RNG Reporter and look for the number of encounter slots. Few or one encounter slot is a sucky spread.
    Start by deciding what IV spread, ability and nature is important to you. Research legendaries on the Smogon dex to help you decide. Once you have decided, generate the spread using PokeRNG. Use the PID for that spread in Pandora's Box on RNG Reporter.
    Thanks !

    I am trading all my UT Pokémon to a new Rom file, should I PM you a list of everything I need to be EV'd tonight/tomorrow?
    Hey, I can trade now.

    I have to bring 6 fodder first, and then come back with the Kiss's?
    I think Riski could help you out with your ID/SID Abusing questions.
    She has done it multiple times.
    KarlMee and 7014Degree have done this tons of times too.
    Nice xD

    Shall we trade when you finished the EVing of the Pokés I gave you earlier?
    I'm trading right now, I'll VM you within 5 minutes as I have to catch fodder too.
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