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  • Ok, I'm free to play now, so what say we get this done? Hop on irc and we can discuss times. I'm always on as Electrolyte in #littlecup.
    Ok, I'm free tomorrow, from 11:30 AM-2:00 PM EST. After that, Im not sure. Do you think we can do it during that time?
    yeah, i'll probably be able to get on in the next couple of days after 5:00 est although i'll be busy at some point tomorrow. either vm me when you get on or idle in #littlecup on irc and we should have no trouble catching each other
    hey dude, I got some bad food poisoning and barely able to move or think today, any chance we could try tmrw at 9 PM instead?
    Hey man, can you tell me if jacobninja still wanna play, I vm'd him but he's not active since 17th..
    gene is banned <3
    how about we play anytime during this weekend at roughly 9 or 10 (which would be 8 or 9 for you i believe)? if not just just shoot me a vm telling when its ok, im on a lot (to the point where its unhealthy) so i am sure we can make something work. also my ps usernames are FRENCH FRIES and duscpif if you ever see me on!
    i live in east coast US which i am PRETTY SURE is gmt-4. genesect users are total (BAN ME PLEASE) hehe although i still don't think we are supposed to play until they decide on him
    hi guy we are matched up for smogon tour 9, we can schedule some time to play after the genesect thingy gets decided alright? C:
    Also, start hopping back on #littlecup. I didn't realize you'd gone more PO, but we'd still like your presence and support in our forums.
    No. We will deal with what NCA is chosen - if one is chosen - after the artwork polls. The NCA will be based on that artwork, so we can't choose it beforehand.
    Why? You just need to read the rules a bit better! If you have any questions, you can always ask them =)
    don't bold stuff in your votes in CAP that isn't your vote; it messes with the voting system.
    hi! when voting in CAP, make sure to bold your votes! otherwise they won't count :<

    [noparse]do it like this
    with your votes
    lol, find me on irc on #littlecup whenever you're on and I'd be glad to play whenever you want (assuming I'm there)

    if you want to schedule something, weekends would be best for me but I'm pretty flexible
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