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  • Merci beaucoup pour votre gentillesse. Vous êtes complètement correct concernant la pratique d'une deuxième langue, car j'ai remarqué que mon français est maintenant beaucoup pire qu'avant. Je vais certainement rendre visite à #smogon bientôt.
    haha oh my goodness, please go to nats and bring me whatever color you'd most love to adorn me with!
    Hey, you're Vincent on #Smogon! I'm not sure if you remember me, but we had a chat a few weeks ago. Hiya!
    Merci, t'es un ange <3<3. Oui, je reviendrais faire un tour un de ces quatre ;)! Je suis juste un peu occupé en ce moment.. Xoxo <3.
    Bonjour Vineon ! Je tenais à te signaler que la première vague d'articles du French Project est en cours. A l'occasion si tu possèdes PO, tu peux passer sur le serveur French Time, je me ferai un plaisir de t'expliquer les changements apportés au projet.

    (I don't know how much comfortable with french you are, so basically : Changes have been brought to the project, but we're still translating and it'll begin soon. If you have PO on your computer, just take a jump on French Time, it'll be a pleasure for me to explain what have changed, if you're interested in it.)

    Hai, since the thread was locked I just wanted to clarify what I meant. I think there's a lot wrong with the idea of jail time as something punitive, because it's precisely what results in the depressingly common phenomenon of jailing people for victimless crimes. If we view the concept as something more in line with isolation/rehabilitation I think we would not have the highest rates of incarceration outside of middle eastern countries. I recognize that currently a lot of aspects of the penal system lean towards punishment, but ideally it should not be that way, which is what my point was ^__^
    Mechanic change examples:
    1) Metronome allows you to choose 10 moves to randomly choose from. Ingame, you get stupid shit like Tackle and Leer. Personally, I've been lucky with Metronome in my time using in on my Togekiss in the GF game, but I digress.
    2) OHKO moves don't OHKO.
    3) Many abilities were changed, like Frisk allowing you to steal your opponent's item, Anticipation granting extra evasion on super-effective and OHKO moves, and Sturdy reducing damage by 1.
    4) Most status and stat boosts eventually fade after a certain amount of actions or rounds.
    5) Also, speed modifiers have been changed to grant +Speed natures an accuracy boost, and -Speed natures an evasion decrease.
    6) Types give added boosts, too. Ex: Grass-types gain added mobility/senses in forests, Dark-types can see in low-light situations, etc.

    There are more, but if you're interested (which i highly doubt you are) check out the Data Audit here:
    1) The GF games don't allow you to use a Pokemon's entire movepool. Hell, they won't even allow you to use more than 4 moves.
    2) A lot of the mechanics are changed; most attacking moves aren't.
    3) There is no way to be creative in the GF game beyond creating gimmicks.
    4) You can't do an Extremespeed+Air Slash combo ingame that allows you to priority flinch. You can't do any combos, for that matter.
    5) The areas where you fight in the GF game have no effect on the battle (beyond weather effects). In ASB, the arenas where you fight have many effects on your battle.
    6) IT'S FUN, DAMMIT.
    Power Whip is infinitely better. It has more power with the same accuracy.
    Now stop being a troll.
    That makes 5.
    Wait so you take the time to write something on my wall but not accept my friend request, :*(
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