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  • I'm really hoping for lime green. My good old GBC was lime green. <3 But I might just get one by the end of the year, depends on how impatient I am.

    They'd better hurry up. My friend runs Psych club and she hasn't gotten a response yet either, so at least they're ignoring everyone?
    I had actually never heard of PWO, but that sucks. I haven't got a 3DS, I'm waiting for a cool color to come out because my brother got blue already. I don't even have a DS right now lol, mine broke, but I'm gonna borrow a friend's.

    Also I kinda forgot to check Smogon for like two months, that's why this is so late. >_>
    lol yeah same, I haven't had as much motivation to play recently but my next goal is a regenerator Tangrowth.
    Aw, that sucks. :c I couldn't make it, my parents are too busy to go with and I'd probably die if I went alone lol.
    I'm doing a bunch of work today, so just give me a day or so. I'm sorry for not doing it immediately, but I really can't.
    I don't know how to RNG at all, lol. But the Ditto was RNGed, yeah. I don't have it anymore. :c

    Actually at level 50, 0 and 1 speed give the same stat, so there's a bit of flexibility? But yeah, speed is important on Musharna, as odd as it is saying that.
    Posting by accident. :/ Anyway I just also wanted to say most of mine have 3 or 4 perfects but not really more than that. My Amoonguss is awful because I actually caught him in the wild, he's got a serious nature and his special defense is 0. Luckily he doesn't necessarily need stats to do his job.
    Breeding with a perfect Ditto a friend lent me. XD Actually I couldn't even do that for Musharna since you can't pass DW abilities with a Ditto, but I bred the father that way. Actually he doesn't have all perfect defenses, I just checked. He has 31 in HP/Atk/Def/SpA, but his special defense is only 21, and his speed is 0 for obvious reasons.
    Protect/Detect is good on Conkeldurr, though, especially for stalling a turn until you get your flame orb activated.

    He's sassy actually, just got perfect defensive IVs and maxed defense. XD I think only a super effective move could OHKO, and even then most of them don't.
    I think your team is pretty cool, being able to counter trick room well. A few times you tried to attack both my Pokemon with both of yours, but neither ended up fainting. Like the first turn of the first match we did, if you had both yours attack my Musharna I would've been in serious trouble. Also I never saw you use protect?
    I think I'm done with battles for the day, it's late and I have commissions to work on. It was fun playing you! Your Musharna can really take hits, as expected lol.
    I have no idea why this won't work. D: Have you ever battled anyone over wifi before? I've done trades but never battled.
    I wanted him to be as generally bulky as possible to generally survive through the first turn to set up trick room. I don't always pair him with Gigalith. Actually, the battle you saw was the only time I even used Gigalith. :P

    You get the berries in Dream World, in the sky level I think? But I got them all through share shelves. I'm still growing them so I don't really have enough to start sending them to my game yet.

    4 pm sounds fine! With our VGC teams?
    True, I'll have to redo his EVs once I've got enough berries. I guess I max HP and put the rest evenly into defenses?

    And sorry, I haven't been able to get on for a while. I should be free most of the time now, I just have trouble remembering to log onto Smogon. XD Just let me know when you're free.
    I remember looking at the speed tiers and seeing it there below Gigalith. It's actually the slowest Pokemon in the game. XD But yeah, I never fought any on PO and I only fought two in the VGC.

    I put it all in defenses so that he'd be as bulky as I could make him. I didn't really care to have any in special attack since he'd be setting up stuff most of the time anyway. I figured 252 in each defense was better than maxing HP then putting leftovers in defenses, but I mean I never did any calcs so I dunno?
    I was at the beach all day, sorry! And I'm going to the movies tomorrow but maybe we can still find time to fit in a battle. My friend code is 0218 1534 9183.

    And yeah, my Musharna's got a 31 IV in HP and all, I just put all the EVs in his defenses. 252 in each, with the leftover 4 in HP. He usually does take hits pretty well, that Escavalier was just a monster.
    Sadly the Archeops is not mine...? Otherwise I would happily give you a copy!
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