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  • I saw your song thread, and I'm pretty sure the song you are looking for is called Rock Lobster by the B-52s.
    I'm sorry you feel that way :/

    Smogon's actually a really cool community, but it can be a bit difficult to get yourself situated to it at first. I would suggest reading the rules and lurking the forums a bit more. If you want advice on anything, I'm always willing to help ^.^
    Stats are not the only defining feature of a Pokemon, though. Ability, movepool, and typing all play a significant role in how a Pokemon functions. That's why low BST mons like Breloom and Dugtrio succeed in OU, while Regigigas and Articuno are slumming it up in NU.

    If you were talking about in-game and not competitive, then availability gets added into that list of what makes a Pokemon good besides its stats.

    It has been discussed, multiple times, in the past, and the idea always gets shot down because of this. If your initial thread is what you wanted posted in The Suggestion Box, it will most likely get a similar response. That said, I can undelete it and move it there for you, if you wish ^.^
    Considering the fact that no one actually had any idea what you were talking about in The Suggestion Box, I wagered a guess that it was related to your last post (which happened to be one I had recently deleted). "Sweeping under the carpet" is an idiom meaning "to hide or ignore something." It seemed correlated to me; if I was wrong, I apologize X_X

    But, um, if that's not what you meant, what exactly were you trying to say in The Suggestion Box ?___?
    Your post in Tech Support has been deleted.

    Please read and follow the directions outlined in the first two posts before re-posting.
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