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    [KINDA SERIOUS] Latest RPG Project (Crowdsourced Ideas) (Caution: Reptoids ITT)

    An optional ability that clarifies and improves the ability to spread rumors would also be nice. I don't know about starfinder, but the rumor mechanics in pf are arcane and incredibly stacked against the player, which is a shame cause spreading rumors could do fun shit for a wily bastard.
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    [KINDA SERIOUS] Latest RPG Project (Crowdsourced Ideas) (Caution: Reptoids ITT)

    I'm sort of an expert when it comes to playing characters disguised as other characters. So this advice is very serious and informed. You cannot be too liberal in how you enable these reptoid's disguises. Dumb fucking GMs do everything they can to take disguise abilities out of context to have...
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    Videogame thread

    I enjoyed FFTA2 for what it was, but there's soooo many missions that I don't think I even got through over 2/3 of them. Doesn't even try to have a story either sadly.
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    confined for 10 years. what you picking? (NEW CHOICES AVAILABLE, SEE POST #74)

    How bad is Swedish Cuisine that people would take 2 meals over its 3
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    Videogame thread

    I'll echo what Mr. E said but in stronger words. 8 has a dumb story, lame characters, and really convoluted gameplay systems. It is one of the lesser FF games and as each FF game is so different I wouldn't base your feelings about the series off it. 9 is a pretty sweet game that is basically...
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    What are they selling kids these days?

    Top 10 thread titles made darker with just one comma
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    Rating your pickup lines

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    Help I'm Stuck In A Dating Sim

    Put it in
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    One Piece (spoilers!)

    Drum is one of my favorite arcs. Chopper's backstory and the ending with the flowers really sell it for me. There's a reason it got made into a movie. Wapol is a very quaint villain but I always found him entertaining. Im surprised you found it underwhelming compared to Little Garden.
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    Serious LGBTQ+

    I currently have a very bad case of mono. At the same time, I'm troubled greatly by an immense sexual aversion im feeling. Like, I think about sex and it makes me near throw up. I try to tell myself that this is practical, as that kind of physical activity right now probably would make me throw...
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    Anime and Manga Thread MK3 - Beware Spoilers

    Finally "got" to see the last Gintama movie today while on a plane and sick with mono.
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    The Time Travel Squad (now accepting applications)

    I'm disappointed He clearly asked you BEFORE you traveled back in time and said not to
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    Anime and Manga Thread MK3 - Beware Spoilers

    I've been enjoying Re:Zero greatly. It was a major surprise for me, as it's easy to write off when you learn that it's an Isekai. But truthfully it's a lot less like Isekais and a lot more like Fate/Stay Night. I could write a whole post about the similarities and some scenes that are ripped...
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    Last picture you saved/took

    Convenient thread, as I actually want a place to share this. I'm in Bangkok and I saw a familiar figure on a mural...
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    Anime and Manga Thread MK3 - Beware Spoilers

    OP anime is great for a few hundred episodes, but I'd definitely swap over to the manga by the time you get to the time skip. Grueling <1 chapter per episode pace. You might as well get caught up before worrying about movies, but the ones to watch are Strong World (written by Oda and featuring...