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  • dude I swear to god I didn't disconnect I say u won I always fight to the final breath my server just sux
    Question 1: You can physically post it in the RMT forum, yes. However, they have different rules there that I am not entirely accustomed to. Go ahead a post your RMT if you want, but be wary that some parts of it might be against the rules. I am not a moderator there, so I can't really say what will happen, haha.

    Question 2: I didn't give you any points for posting in the wrong location, no. Please don't make the same mistake again, though. That would probably lead to an infraction.
    Hi Guys! I'm new here and I was hoping I'd get somewhere in the smogon world. Reasons to get an account is to pokemon battle the pros. My brother did it and I want too. So hope that happens! :D
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