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  • Question, can anyone answer? What type would tornadus be if it used roost? Would it even have a type for that turn? Would your DS catch on fire and shout FUUUUUUU!?!? Or would it have no weaknesses but no resistances? Some one try it on hackmons
    I like it alot I find it more fun than hitting dragon dance and selecting the appropriate coverage move and I ladder at 1720 but I made a new team that will ladder at the top!
    if you're posting in UU, you should take it up with a UU moderator. I honestly have no clue what goes on in that subforum since I don't read it. I'd probably recommend lurking more, it's the best advice I have for new members. See what the badged users in that subforum post, and try and pick up the things they do. Other than that, talk to the moderators of the subforums you're having trouble in. You can see who they are at the bottom of the page on that subforum.
    Well that's very believable since the fact that wifi here sucks when it comes to pokemon battling. To be honest, I don't care that much, I don't think there are any records listed for how many wins and losses and even if that WAS on black / white games then I still wouldn't care about the D/c. Let's just say it was the sucky wifi that got us D/c, because that's happened to me before from all the other times I "D/c" on people when it was the wifi.
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