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  • I need to know whether or not to keep sending you music..
    I have a few tracks but is seems you may not be interested.
    Let me know if I'm wrong...

    Hey Wichu, I don't know if anyone updated you on this, but the thread that you started on B/W to get all the moves/abilities/items translated. So far, all moves and abilities(almost all effects) have been translated. I may take a look at the items and translate that as well.
    Thanks. I've read the guide, but I seriously have no clue on how to advance my frame. No matter how long I wait in front of the computer, the PokeRNG always says that my frame is less than 10 000.

    Edit: Is the way I find my current frame from PokeRNG different for FR/LG than from Emerald? I used the FR/LG guide to find my frame using PokeRNG, but the spread1 notepad returns me back a seed that is not 00000000 (It's supposed to be 0 for Emerald, right?) and gives me an impossibly low value for my current frame.

    Or do I have to use Mingot's RNGReporter like the on-site guide says?

    Other information (if it helps)
    - I was capturing Deoxys. I used the codebreaker master ball code and the Gameshark birth island warp code.
    - Deoxys was transferred to my PC after the battle, so I went to the Pokecenter and placed it in my second slot before using RSEDecode.
    - I used a VBA with an English Emerald ROM on an XP Computer.

    Thanks for all your help, Wichu.
    I'm trying to RNG in emerald, not FR LG. How is it different, then? Also, the PokeRNG gives me an actual value for the seed (it is not 0).
    I didn't really understand what you meant by that, sorry! All I know is that I have a SID/ID combination that generates a shiny spread, and I need to get a frame of 900 million in order to hit the spread, whereas the notepad says I only have a frame of 2266?
    I got it through the spread1 notepad thing that the PokeRNG generated.
    Hi Wichu, I'm really sorry for bothering you again, but I think I'm doing something wrong. PokeRNG says that my frame is 2266 even though I've been playing the game for several hours. Also, it has nothing to do with me "resetting" the game as I literally left my game running in front of the legendary for a few hours. Do you know why my frame is so low? I followed the instructions from Shadowhunter's guide. Thanks for all your help.
    Thank you very much. It worked when I changed the extension to .exe. :)
    Thanks for all your time. May I also ask you if I require some programme to run the old/new PokeRNG? I've downloaded the new one on my other computer (Vista) but it is an "unknown file type" and cannot be opened.
    Hi Wichu, I tried to download your old PokeRNG program today, but there is a problem with the hosting site. Could you perhaps reupload it again? Thank you very much!

    Sorry for bothering you, I tried asking Skymin about it but PokeRNG seems necessary for emerald captures. >.<
    I'm working on updating JavaRNG to include searching for Pokewalker spreads, and I noticed that you found the way to RNG the first pokewalker pokemon. Is there a page you can link me to that has all of the pokewalker RNG information?

    Extremely beneficial. The PIDs I typed into that sheet were the ones that give flawless spreads (found here) Modest and Timid. Now I need to work on getting that frame >_>
    But I am pretty sure I got it... the PIDs are almost exactly the same though, and I am asking cause it came up with 2 PIDs that were shiny :P But yeah, the PIDs are the same, bar 2 digits. I think I am the luckiest guy on Smogon!
    Hey with that program you wrote...is it even possible for two of the spreads to be shiny at the same time? o.O
    I hate to be rude..
    But I really need some replies on the music files I've been sending you.
    A lot of people are putting hard work into the music and they are feeling like it's going to waste.
    I know I've only sent you 3 files, but that user has made one other, and some participants are holding back knowing their music won't be used.
    If you don't like them, (the three I sent you most recently) please say so.
    I don't mind if you don't care for them, but I think you should give them some feedback.
    Thanks, and sorry if I come off as a total asshole :/
    Hrm they do work now. They WERE broken, though heh. Quite a few complaints in the thread and then I tried it and they didn't work. Guess it was something with filefront.
    Hey Wichu. You going to enter the PWVGC10? We got 20 entries so far, Havak has entered, I have, tblakey89 (made havaks, kinneas & minijinx's team) is in it etc.

    Plus, an event darkrai and premier trophy is up for grabs. The event darkrai is timid Ivs:31/9/31/31/31/31 etc and a good moveset, so if you're interested, make sure to ask me for a link and I'll link you. :)
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