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  • It's the v1.01 and i ve been told that v1.0 it's better from emerald because it doesn't give you a 4th gen seed
    Hey Winchu. Is there any way to get your v1.0 of PokeRNG for emerald purposes?
    hey wichu the pokerng wont work on ,my computer it says i am missing "mingwm10dll" whats that
    I think the problem may be my laptop
    I guess I have to experiment with your software a lot more.
    -Sorry for for the inconvenience :(

    When I set the max method J frame to 0, I got more result then I previously did, sorry
    I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I can't get your rng tools file to work on my windows laptop. It says it's compreesed and i need to insert a disc and i can't even extract it.
    Hi. I just want some help. When I'm trying to open your newest release of PokeRNG, it says "The procedure entry point _Z4endl11QTextStream could not be located in the dynamic link library QtCore4.dll.". Do you know how to fix this? Thanks! :)
    Hello wichu
    Congrays with your new pokerng software. You rock

    But i have a question

    Would it be possivle for you to add a search function for pokewalker that 100% accuarate and would it be possible to add a function to search when a seed will be available on a certain date? Ie 12 21 2012 and other holidays
    Hmm.. I had a suggestion, but looks like you took care of it in this latest release. So, you can ignore this. =)

    Oh.. FYI, if you're planning on making a version for B/W in the future, I can supply you with the RNG class (C#) that Bond and I made for PIDRNG. It's not entirely complete since not everything has been figured out yet, but it's working for most things.
    I wanted to thank you for your hard work on PokeRNG. It's been a really helpful tool for RNGing.

    If I may make one suggestion, would it be possible to check an "ability" box? It'd be helpful but not necessary. Something like 0/1/Either would be helpful with default to either.
    Hey Wichu, quick question about the Old Version of PokéRNG:

    What does the Seed mean in the .csv file?
    There isn't a seed in Emerald. So if I find a spread that I have a shiny save file of, but the seed isn't 0, does that mean I can't obtain that spread?
    hi wichu does your pokerng program work on mac if it doesn't is there any other ways of using it on mac cause i kinda want to use it :S
    Hello Wichu
    I have a question.
    I currently made a pokewalker software that can give you the correct nature, but not the correct ability.

    Can you help me by telling me where should I look to know the ability of the seed for a pokewalker seed

    If you have time, can you vm or pm the steps to deduce the ability giving this seed

    Thanks in advance
    does watts also have something to do with advancing the IRNG? It may have been that I had watts during the time I hit my seed to change the nature of my pokemon.
    So, they'd need to be given out fully evolved otherwise we may get gimmicks like the Eevee I mentioned. And about moves, they also don't have to be pre-set, I guess?
    Wichu, about the Dream World abilities, could you elaborate to me on how they're coded in the game? Is it possible a pokémon may get an ability not listed there (say, Stall Regigigas or Speed Boost Eevee), and maybe different moves? And can we know if they'll have anything pre-set, such as natures or gender or PID? I've heard that at least the abilities may change if Game Freak wants to, but I'm not sure about it.
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