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  • I'm sorry to disappoint but for the last few months or so, I've lost a lot of interest in Pokemon in general. I haven't RNGed anything in ages and I haven't been around here much either. I know you've been very patiently waiting for these two and I feel awful having to break my own word, but I won't be RNGing those two.

    I'm sure though you should be able to find someone else to help. There's a whole group of people here committed to getting what people like you need for events.
    Sorry, I keep reading your vms at unoppertune times to respond (on phone, etc). I suppose I can RNG that for you sometime.
    Sorry, I haven't been able to make much time for it! I've been getting back in the college rhythm, but I'll definitely have it done by the end of labor day weekend!
    Sorry, but I won't be able to trade for at least another three hours. At the moment, I'm just checking Smogon from work.
    Just testing, really. Anyone who's been DQed for mons is also unable to upload a battle video, and nobody who can upload a video has been DQed.
    The VGC hack check is the same one they use for battle videos lol, that's it.
    Oh yes, clones have been allowed for ages, although I wouldn't bring it up if they were. From what I've heard and experianced, you'll only be disqualified if you Pokemon is obviously illegal (stuff like having Pokemon with egg moves in non-default Pokeballs, screwy capture locations, or 511+ EVs).
    Sorry for such a late response. I wouldn't go around asking others for infornation on Nintendo's hack checks as it's fairly underhanded. That said, I think I can help with a few of your questions.

    1) It would depend on what your AR code is doing. For example, hacking an unreleased item on to one of the Pokemon you're using would definitely net you a disqualification.
    2) No. Pokecheck's hack check is far more in depth.
    3) Not that I'm aware of, no.
    Lol, you're not really supposed to ask about hack checks in the VGC forum. It's an incredibly stupid rule and I keep getting infracted for helping people with it.

    Pokécheck's far more advanced than the VGC hack check. Basically, if you can upload a battle video with your team, you can enter VGC fine.
    Oh, it only screws around with my Unity tower, not yours. I've participated in three Nintendo events with that data screwed up anyway, so it's not a big deal anyway!
    Oh, yes, I got your previous VM. Sorry, it's just that with all of the DW Pokemon, I've been doing a lot of breeding and uploading to Pokecheck with smogon on the backburner. Now, I have bred a female DW Shroomish, but it's Adamant, not Jolly. It also comes with Bullet Seed and is even a fully trained Breloom at the moment. Is this an acceptable replacement?
    I saw it, but I'm not really able or willing to get requests done until I arrive back home on Tuesday.
    I did, but I'm kind of backed up with VGC requests at the moment and can't RNG anything until after nats, sorry!
    Just checking, nope, only have gift event ribbons, but those don't affect the pokes you want. Friday works as I am working for my grandparents tmrw.
    Nice pokemon. Sure I will trade those 3 for your jirachi, celebi and raikou, if that works for you?
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