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  • Hey Winters, if you're still taking ideas for CPs, I'd like to suggest a Love Ball HP Grass Timid Clamperl :3
    amazing 3d sprites on your new thread winters! I miss vacation, i hope to get back here. i just received good news that my family will get back wifi, the earliest date might be on the nearest wednesday. well just wanted to tell my story. :)
    Lol :) Glad to see you're still around ^_^
    And I'm sorry about your email account, but I'm pretty much swamped with school until spring break, XD. This is my only weekend off! lol...

    How have you been? :0
    If you want I can organize them for you :D

    And yes I do. Lol.
    I'M NOT A NUB D:
    You are really nice to most people! And your many friends far outnumber your few enemies. :p

    And if you want, I can help! I can proofread your guides and stuff! :D
    And maybe add some things. xD

    Yeah, that makes sense. I have days or even weeks when I have no inspiration to RNG anything. But I always get ideas here. xD
    I'm not gonna be done RNGing for a while. :p

    Time? Have you been like really busy? What have you been doing? :o
    Aww, thanks. <3
    Yeah me neither. xD
    I'm still a newbie. ;_;
    Lmao, I don't think so. You're too nice! xD
    And if I did, it'd definitely be community contributor. I mean, you boast SO MANY posts in the RNG help threads! You're super nice and helpful! It's completely deserved, imho. But you'd have to be active with that badge. D:

    I'd invite you to join mine, but I'm not sure how to add posts to my thread yet. xD
    And I kinda like having my own thread to do what I will with. :p
    I KNOW ;_;
    Lol I would but I don't think the other badges would appreciate it if I starting making nom threads my first week on the job. :p

    Yay! :D
    I can't wait!
    Ehh it hasn't really gotten much different around here for me. Idk really not much to say for myself besides what I said before. I've been digging through old files on my flashdrive and I found Fallout New Vegas and Portal 2 so I've been playing those. But most of my time on the computer nowadays I've been on IRC(Addicted x_x)
    Well what can you do :P
    What've you been up to in these last months(Yes it's been months since we last talked o:)?
    It's been pretty good I guess. Been doing work around the site, a lot of IRC chatting, and some VGC battles here and there. I'm lucky to find time for RNGing stuff xD
    lol I got it yesterday

    And I have no idea. Honest. Eep told me I was nominated like a couple hours before it happened. Then I fell asleep and when I woke up, I had them. xD

    And it's okay! I miss you though. :c
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