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  • Use ShadowHunter's BitXor Calculator and then you only have to put your ID and SID into the correct boxes and then it will give you your shiny frames with +29 ivs (if your ID and SID can produce a frame with those IV's)
    EDIT: and here's his thread with the 3rd gen guide if you need to know how to use his calculator because I'm very bad at explaining how to use it xD.
    You can check slot 1 pokemon, or all slots if you want to. Here's a list of slot numbers: slot 1 is 20244EC, slot 2 is 2024550, slot 3 is 20245B4, slot 4 is 2024618, slot 5 is 202467C, slot 6 is 20246E0
    Ok, what you will want to do is export your save file to an english rom and then make a pokemon with the ot of that a game a dmp file and load it with RSEDeode and then you can find you SID. Here's Syberia's video explaing how to do that (He shows how to find you pokemons IVs but you can also find out your SID by using this method)
    Firstly, have you RNG'd in 3rd gen before? If not I suggest not trying it until you learn how to because getting a Japanese Mew can be tedious.
    You need a to keep switching (exporting your save file to a english one to check your frame because RSEDecode can only check IVs of a pokemon from the english version of the game.
    Let me find some old PMs that I have when I was explaining to someone else on how to catch a Japanese Mew so that I can refresh my memory :P.
    It's pretty awesome. Unfortunately, it doesn't help with my Gen 5 RNG skills at all. I can do captures just fine, but breeding is taking foreverrr to learn.
    Computer science right now, with a minor in animation.

    And unfortunately no, however if you want to transfer all of the files to your folder and become the primary holder of it I wouldn't mind. I don't think I'll be opening anything other than a summer thread, anyways.
    I like that nickname you gave to your Shiny Skamory. What does it mean?

    The name "Hayabusa"
    I appreciate the help Loukas. just vm me if you still have any questions, ill try to get back to you winters, goodluck! :)
    For iv spreads and frames use the old version of pokerng(v1.01). i only use rng reporter to check my frame for breeds.
    just saw your post on 7014degree wall..if you need anything 3rd gen related help i could help:)
    Sorry, college got the best of me. However, I have maintained a 3.86 GPA and now have the summer to Gen V RNG!
    is your japanese game on emulator? if so, i may recommend rsedecode, i don't know if it works with japanese though.
    mmm. i have yet to try shinies. i don't know if you just input your id/sid on the reporter. I can only teach you non-shiny bred atm. :)
    thanks. eppie told me that only bred pokemon can be accurately advanced with save slates. :) i haven't tried stationary legends, nor will i wait for hours to catch an rng emerald ditto.
    Hi there I'm Back! I hope you remember me, if not just remember the word "Annoying". Lol
    So how ya doing? ^^
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