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  • Very well! I completely understand that one and it's cool. Also, as our original deal had the Credit Value at Three, but you say it is Six now. How about we drop it to Five? :D
    Well damn. I just tried a different seed and it worked out perfectly. I'm tempted to go back and try to figure out what went wrong but...Hell if it ain't broke don't fix it.
    Hey winters
    What did you search for while RNGing the starters on emu?
    I suppose you did TID/SID abuse.
    What were the parammeters you searched for?
    hmm... okay so if the egg is generated at frame 8, that means I will look for a seed with frame 8 for Ivs right?
    oh ok. So in breeding I just looked a guide and I sort of understand it. What I don't get is how I will advance the Iv frame since there are many wondering NPCs who can mess with my PID frame. So... how will I advance the Iv frame?
    oh... darn so that means when I advance for my Ivs, I also have to like sort of catch the pkm first to see how much it advanced for the PID, then re-do the same steps and try the chatot? If so I might be able to do that but I looked for flawless Ivs with shinnies and I got none... so that means I got to RNG abuse for my ID/SID? Well if so just tell me at the time I hit "A" on the 2nd timer, The rest I know it.
    Well I just caught my first shiny encounter, the problem is that I'm sort of confused on this. I only advanced the shiny frame because well... steps on wild areas also advance the shiny frame right?? >.>
    Yup, and I get none, but I do get seeds when I just look for good Ivs though.
    Well I guess I will try to do shinnies with non c gear seeds then.
    I just need to get to the E-4 since though I don't have many rare candies to check my delays...
    Hey whats the hardest thing you RNGed in the 5th gen? :D
    I get C7F and C7E as my two Timer0s. I spent a whole two hours calibrating and those were the only two that ever showed up. No, I do not use power items, and no everstone.
    It's my seed. I calibrated myself at a C7F Timer0, and it works just fine for captures, but when I breed it always ends up at C7E. Except, y'know, when I try searching for C7E seeds, THEN I magically hit C7F seeds.

    This game is such an asshole.

    EDIT: Another issue I'm having is determining my starting frame. I confirm my seed, hatch the egg, record nature and ability...but when I find a frame for it in RNG Reporter, the inheritance doesn't match what the Potential guy tells me. RNG reporter will say it inherits 3 stats from the dad, which is a flawless Pokemon, but the Potential guy will only list one stat at "can't be better."
    U R Awesome. O_o
    Thanks a lot, I was getting tired of taking like forever with this.
    Well lastly what are the different benefits between c-gear and non-c gear seeds? Also can u tell me why I don't get any shiny seed when I search for them when I wanna do the c-gear mode? ^^
    Hey I got to ask you something, does your C-gear takes long to load when you are RNGing? >.>
    Ok so the F at the end of the first number means frame so 795424917 is your frame for emerald and don't worry about the seed because emerald seed is always 0 and the games starts from frame 0. Saving and turing of the game will make the frame go back to 0, this is where VBAs savestates come in handy so that you can load up a savestate even if you have shutdown the emulator and continue from where you left off :).
    Japanese Mew doesn't takes ages. The only difference is that you have to make a save state on a Japanese rom, then make a standard save, load the .sav on an English rom, to check on which frame you're on. The only difference with doing this on an English rom is that checking which frame you're on takes slightly longer.
    No worries :). Of course, but I wont be able to answer them striaght away because I'm just about to go to sleep (it's 10:30 pm here :P) and I wont be on Smogon until tomorrow afternoon.
    Ah ok lol, I'm glad that you figured out what the problem was xD. Good luck with 3rd gen RNG :)
    I've never had that happen before :/. You can use the old version of PokeRNG and just enter your ID and SID when it asks you to. All stationary pokemon are method 1, and when it asks for a delay just put 0 as min and 0 as max because emerald has no delay.
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