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  1. Homework Help Thread

    I would think that leaps of a 4th or higher are allowed; the example that sticks out is the first line of "somewhere over the Rainbow", where the syllables in "somewhere" are an octave apart. Also, for a lot of church music, the "Amen" at the end is a IV-I chord progression and so I would think...
  2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Character and Tier Discussion

    I believe it's the one where if Snake has a Grenade in his hand, and Kirby does an Up throw, the Grenade goes off and Snake dies (IIRC). It's pretty old so it might not be that.
  3. Optimal knowledge of languages

    Which I hope you mean is quite a bit. My sister did Old English at University for part of her Degree, she said that it was like learning a new language.
  4. Final Grades/GPA thread/School/University Discussion

    OCR GCSE Science is annoying. Damn Coursework, I got A* in every Exam bar 2 (Pretty high As) as well. Anyway, this year I'm doing A2 Maths, Physics and Chemistry (The highest level that you can do before University) AS Spanish (The next one lower down from A2) Should be fuuuuuuuuuuuun =)
  5. Final Grades/GPA thread/School/University Discussion

    Was the Science one part of the whole GCSE? I took some science exams in year 10 :3
  6. Final Grades/GPA thread/School/University Discussion

    Got my AS' today. Maths - A Physics - A Chemistry - B (But 1 mark off an A ¬__¬) German - E (I knew I flopped it :3) Pleased with them.
  7. Final Grades/GPA thread/School/University Discussion

    Pretty much the same (even for grades). I had to compare a local town to a rural village - we got a choice of two villages and the visit to them was rained off at 11:30 am. I found pre-GCSE Geography interesting, the GCSE just put me off. I've also got Spanish GCSE Thursday 27th, as well as my...
  8. Final Grades/GPA thread/School/University Discussion

    A-level Results for those who are doing them in the UK (exams before University for Americans who have no clue) are this time next week. Imma getting Results Nightmares, but during the day >_>'
  9. Who's loving the heat?

    London's had some nice days, but nothing about 30 degrees C. Which I love. =D
  10. Your most Memorable moment from Gold/Silver

    Staying up with a friend, just playing G/S. =D
  11. Final Grades/GPA thread/School/University Discussion

    Where are you doing this degree (is thinking of doing physics and astro is my preferred field)?
  12. What was the worst damage inflicted upon any of your games, by yourself or anyone?

    I've generally had little problems, the battery covers, the hinges often fell off when I was around. My DS fell off a desk and the plastic on a hinge fell off, is workable otherwise. My DS Lite decided to crack and then one day the top screen went completely blank. I have a terrible habit of...
  13. DPP Tentacruel (Update)+

    Should work if you type it all in Notepad, IIRC.
  14. DPP Giratina (Update)

    In the Great Wall, why would you use 248 SAtk EVs if you're using Dragon Claw? Should they be in Defence?
  15. Who's loving the heat?

    Quite nice and warm here in London, but nothing compared to the US. About 25 degrees Degrees which is about 80 in Fahrenheit. :3